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10 Best Strategies to Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women

What helps menopausal women have better sex?

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Sexual activity can play a big part in the self-confidence, mood stability, and health of a woman's relationship with her significant other.

Women face all kinds of challenges in life, and during menopause, additional health issues will arise. Vaginal dryness, low libido, and night sweats are just some of the reasons why a woman's sexual life would decrease.

Most menopausal symptoms may find relief with the help of MenoLabs complete probiotic supplements.

However, as with all supplements, you still need to make lifestyle changes or incorporate new strategies to reap maximum benefits.

Below, we've summed up the 10 best strategies to make sex better for menopausal women.

10 Best Strategies to Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women

Pelvic Physical Therapy

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Pelvic Physical Therapy (PPT) is recommended for women who experience pain during intercourse, urine leakage, or anything else that doesn't feel "right" around the pelvic area.

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for the pleasurable muscle contractions felt in the genitals during orgasm. With PPT, women report feeling bigger and stronger orgasms.

PPT focuses on improving the pelvic floor muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues to increase sexual arousal while improving bladder and bowel control. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to notice improvement, but your therapist will adjust the program according to your body's reaction.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Reduced estrogen and progesterone cause the vaginal lining to become thinner, drier, and less flexible. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation uses a diode laser to emit an infrared light that penetrates into the vaginal tissues.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is popular among menopausal women because the results are said to show toned vaginal tissue and a thickening of the vaginal mucosa. Women experience a dramatic increase in tightness and sexual satisfaction.

Seek Advice from a Sex Therapist

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Sex therapists are qualified healthcare professionals who have studied and have done extensive training to help people with problems relating to sex.

Sex therapy sessions may include building the skills or techniques for pleasure and arousal as a couple and tearing down communication barriers that might be the reason why you and your partner are not having a great sex life together.

Professional advice from a sex therapist can help couples work around menopausal symptoms by providing tips that are suitable for the couple's preferences.

Incorporate Sex Toys

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Get out of your comfort zone and try sex toys with your partner. It gets challenging to get aroused or stay aroused during sex. To resolve this, there are sex toys made specially to help menopausal women stay aroused throughout sexual activity.

Sex toys for menopausal women combine gentle suction and multi-focal vibration to encourage blood flow and natural lubrication in the female genitals. This is very important for menopausal women since vaginal dryness is almost always an issue during sex.

Focus on Foreplay

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Men generally find it harder to arouse their female partner once a woman hits menopause. This can get frustrating for both parties and can eventually lead to discontinuation and wasted efforts.

Slow down, both of you. Focus on longer, more sensual foreplays that tickle the imagination. Invest in the woman's sexual fantasies and ask her if there is any idea that she would like to try.

Since it's the woman who is having a hard time getting aroused, then partners can focus more on the woman's sexual desires during foreplay.

Boost Self-Esteem

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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It's hard to have sex when you don't feel comfortable and confident about yourself. All women are beautiful, but the way you perceive yourself is a big factor in how your self-esteem will affect sexual activities.

Dry skin, thinning hair, and other physical features impacted by the loss of estrogen make some women feel more self-conscious. This is understandable since any human not at her best may feel the same way.

Boost your self-esteem in any way you can and watch how confidence affects your sexual desires. You may also try MenoLabs' formulated supplement to help menopausal women get glowing skin and healthy hair and nails.

Try Relaxing Couples Massages

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Massages and acupuncture are known to increase libido both for men and women. Have a couples massage at home or at the spa as one of your date night itineraries, and then settle down with some wine to unwind afterward.

Some couples take this advice a step further by doing the massaging themselves rather than hiring a masseuse. After all, you know the pleasure points of your partner best.

Engage in Mind-Body Activities

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Mind-body activities like meditation, tai chi, and yoga promote holistic wellness. These activities help to reduce stress, release endorphins, and flex the muscles and joints to help women get out of those menopausal blues.

Activities that promote holistic wellness encourages the mind and body to work together to find peace and relaxation, making it easier for the woman to be more comfortable and more welcoming to the idea of sex.

Spend More Time Together

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Do more things together like you used to do when you were young. Go out and try new activities together that will strengthen the relationship and bring back the passion that started it all.

Just watching movies together and eating out together is already a big help. Avoid touching your mobile phones and talk to each other. A stronger relationship encourages passion.

Do Something Special

Make Sex Better for Menopausal Women
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Couples in love always do something to make each other smile and feel appreciated. Every now and then, do something even more special that will really make the woman go, "wow, you've never done this before!"

Take her to that new hotel she's been wanting to stay in or prepare a special dinner at home just for the two of you. Whatever it is, women always go soft for special efforts.

Take Probiotics to Increase Libido

Libido plays a big part in any person's sex life. MenoLabs helps to make sex better for menopausal women by relieving the menopausal symptoms that lower sex drive.

Hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue are just some of the menopausal symptoms that are solved with a complete probiotic supplement. MenoLabs also helps maintain bacterial balance in the gut, which promotes overall sexual health and an improved sex drive.

Make sex better with MenoLabs' complete probiotics for menopausal women.

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