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Over 1,000 Users Swear Good Morning Snore Solution Has Stopped Their Snoring

This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Can Help Treat Your Snoring

Uncomfortably Asleep
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We've all shared a room with someone who snores at some point in our lives, and it's not pretty. It kills the vibe when you're trying to wind down after a long day, or worse, their snoring is too loud for you to fall asleep at all! As bad as that is, being the person who is snoring isn't any better.

The sad truth is that snoring is more common than you think. In fact, according to the Merck Manual, about half of the population in the United States snores, with 57% of men and 40% of women being affected. It gets tricky when you consider that snoring can affect just about everyone and be either an occasional, recurring quirk or a symptom of a larger problem - a severe sleep-related breathing disorder.

Why Do People Snore?

When we're asleep, the muscles at the back of our throat - the soft palate and the uvula - loosen up, making the airways narrower. So when we inhale and exhale, the air makes these tissues vibrate in a rattling manner that creates a sound. Think of it like a flag fluttering loudly in the wind.

Aside from the soft palate and the uvula, the sides of the throat and the epiglottis could also vibrate during sleep and lead to snoring. This is more prevalent in people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

Who's More Likely To Snore?

Genetics could be one of the reasons behind snoring. It could be as simple as the size and shape of the muscles and tissues in one's neck, naturally restricting airflow during sleep. Another cause of snoring is that the airways just narrow more than they usually would in others.

On top of that, the American Sleep Association (ASA) has also identified several risk factors that contribute to snoring.

Being overweight or obese is the first contributing cause identified by the ASA because the excess weight adds to more soft tissues in the neck area, which narrows the airways. Abnormalities in our bodies, like a larger set of tonsils, for example, can also block the airways during sleep, leading to snoring. Mothers-to-be might also begin to snore because nasal congestion is a common phenomenon in pregnant women. Alcohol intake can also increase your risk of snoring because these substances may make the muscles in the tongue or throat relax to the point of restricting airflow when you fall asleep.

The most surprising risk factor is how you sleep at night. Studies from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that sleeping on your back also contributes to snoring because your throat muscles and tongue may naturally flow backward and get in the way of airflow.

How Do I Stop Snoring?

Snoring treatment depends on how bad each case is and what problems they end up causing. Changes to your lifestyle can generally improve your breathing during sleep. You could maintain a healthy weight, reduce your alcohol intake, eliminate sources of allergies and nasal congestion, elevate the top part of your bed, or adjust your sleeping position. All of these can help reduce snoring, but it's also highly recommended to consult a sleep doctor or specialist.

Another option is to go for anti-snoring mouthpieces like Good Morning Snore Solution.

Good Morning Snore Solution

What Is Good Morning Snore Solution?

Good Morning Snore Solution is a mandibular advancement device (MAD), which helps push the tongue forward to avoid blocking the airway and eliminate snoring. It's clinically proven to significantly reduce snoring, backed up by a randomized, controlled study published in the Journal of Sleep and Breathing in May 2008.

Developed by top sleep researchers, Good Morning Snore Solution is one of the most uncomplicated and comfortable anti-snoring mouthpieces. All you have to do is to insert it into your mouth and place it between your lips and front teeth. Then, squeeze its tip with your thumb and index finger while sucking the air out. Once you've done that, just push the tip of your tongue into the mouthpiece and release your thumb and finger.

From there, the mouthpiece creates a seal that should hold everything in place as you sleep, allowing you to relax your tongue and fall asleep without worrying about your airways being blocked and snoring!

Tongue Stabilization

How Does It Work?

Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpieces work because of an effective method called Tongue Stabilization. It moves the tongue forward and clear blocked airways without any side effects like jaw movement/pain, discomfort, or long-term bite misalignment. Its soft design is meant to be comfortable and can fit almost everyone! Cleaning it is also a straightforward process. All you need is a cup filled with cold water and a denture-cleaning tablet or solution.

At $89.94, Good Morning Snore Solution is one of the most affordable and manageable products that can help eliminate snoring and give you the peace of mind you need as you sleep. It also comes with a complete 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and its website allows users to contact them anytime with questions or concerns.

What Do The Experts Say About It?

Experts highly recommend Good Morning Snore Solution, with the mouthpiece being sold at dental and sleep clinics all around the world. The American Sleep Association endorses it, appearing on its list of recommended anti-snoring mouthpieces. Dentist Dr. Larry Stanleigh sees its ability to have a positive impact, saying, "I believe this product has the potential to change some peoples' lives, and/or the lives of the people they sleep with."

Good Morning Snore Solution has also been recognized by publications like TUCK Comprehensive Sleep Resource, Sleep Advisor, SnoringHQ, and The Snoring Mouthpiece Review as the top product in the market, earning rave reviews over the last couple of years.

Longtime user Jade Cohen also attests to how her

"sleep quality has improved drastically"

thanks to Good Morning Snore Solution, adding,

"It's keeping me off the C-PAP device."

Meanwhile, Robert P. has been using it for years and enthusiastically says,

"After trying many other products, yours is the only one that lets me sleep all night. My wife loves it because she now gets to sleep all night without me snoring."

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