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Using Adaptogens to Effectively Manage Pandemic Stress

Use adaptogens to manage pandemic stress and strengthen your immune system.

Newsweek AMPLIFY-  Adaptogens in Managing Pandemic Stress

Let's face it. Ever since this pandemic started, people have been forced to cope with numerous changes in their lives. From not being able to socialize with your friends on weekends, strained relationships brought about by forced isolation to being laid off because of the economic recession COVID-19 caused.

Not to mention the inevitable new uncertainties we need to confront on a daily basis. The global pandemic brought by the coronavirus is a phenomenon that has never been experienced by humanity in a century. Much is unknown as health officials are still experimenting and discovering how to create a treatment to combat this infection.

When you feel stressed during an outbreak of infectious disease, both your chronic health problems and mental health can worsen. Fear and worry can be an overwhelming everyday feeling. You worry not just about your personal health but also the safety and security of your loved ones.

Many people have also lost their jobs because of the many changes the pandemic has brought to traditional office structures and practice. If you find yourself being easily irritable, and with low energy throughout the day, that probably means you're stressed!

Stress may also manifest in changes in your eating habits and sleep patterns. Luckily, we know just the thing to help you manage your stress during these incredibly trying times! The answer: adaptogens.

What Are Adaptogens?

Newsweek AMPLIFY-  Adaptogens in Managing Pandemic Stress

Adaptogens are a classification of mushrooms and herbs that will help your body's reaction to stress by regulating your physiological and hormonal responses. If you're familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Healing practices, they use the same rationale!

Herbs and mushrooms like ginseng, astralagus, ashwagandha, and reishi mushroom are ground up into a fine powder and mixed with your drink of choice. They may add a slight chocolate flavor with earthy or bitter undertones but their benefits to your body are through the roof!

Adaptogens are also always nontoxic to the patient. For an herb or mushroom to be categorized as an adaptogen, they must have no side effects or cause any kind of irregular disturbance to the body's regular functions. Regular consumption of adaptogens will help you calm down, give your energy levels that much-needed boost to be productive, and regulate your adrenal (hormone) levels to ensure that your body stays in a relatively steady, healthy equilibrium.

Not only do adaptogens help with physical stressors like muscle fatigue (especially helpful for all those athletes out there or even just for your daily exercise routine) but they can also help with biological stressors by enhancing your immune protection.

These natural substances will easily help you counteract the effects of chronic stress and improve the quality of your sleep so you can start the day feeling refreshed and energized.

How Do Adaptogens Work?

A lesser-known secret about stress is that it is healthier to have a daily consistent medium level of stress than to eliminate it from our lives completely. When you have stress levels that are too low, you can often get complacent and too bored to motivate yourself to do any work. However, too much stress gives the same effect and causes our body to shut down since we feel as if we cannot handle the stress anymore.

Adaptogens serve as our reigns in keeping our stress levels balanced in a way that they're manageable enough for us to be able to fight through the stress, while still keeping us alert and on our toes so we don't get sluggish and uninspired.

When you finally make the choice of adding adaptogens into your diet, here is a list of health benefits you can experience:

  • diminished inflammation of muscles
  • increased energy levels
  • relieved tension
  • clearer skin
  • reduced anxiety and depressive thoughts
  • protection to your heart and liver
  • reduced fatigue
  • support to your body's immune system
  • balanced hormones
  • lowered cholesterol levels
  • improved quality of sleep

Small Lifestyle Changes Go a Long Way

Newsweek AMPLIFY-  Adaptogens in Managing Pandemic Stress

For adaptogens to really work in reducing stress long-term, it is important for you to take a holistic approach and evaluate your other lifestyle choices. You may find it hard to believe, but some stressors in your life can be eliminated altogether today. Dehydration, an inactive lifestyle, an unhealthy diet, etc. are some simple choices you may have been making unconsciously because you've been stressed with work or family life.

Once you become conscious of these bad habits, you can now take steps to unlearn them and introduce new ones like dancing Zumba in your living room for 30 minutes every other day as a form of exercise in the 'new normal'.

By concentrating on the things you can control like what you have for breakfast and how many glasses of water you drink in a day, you develop a proactive mindset and become concerned and invested in your own health. Soon enough, you will feel the stress in your life naturally getting lighter and you will be able to sleep better.

The effectiveness of adaptogens can be amplified by small healthy lifestyle choices you can start incorporating today. Under this 'new normal' brought about by the pandemic, you can start following exercise videos at home and prepare healthy food bought from farm to home businesses. Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Go to bed earlier. Staying up too late can cause an imbalance in your cortisol levels and other hormones. Try starting this habit by going to bed 30 minutes earlier than your usual time. You should also make sure to keep your phone in a place far away from arm's reach or else you'll easily be tempted to scroll down on your favorite apps instead of inducing sleep.
  • Take 10 deep breaths when you feel stressed. When faced with a problem, your brain tends to go into overdrive and cause you more unneeded anxiety. Try to perform a short breathing exercise by counting to ten while focusing on your deep breathing to calm yourself before you make any rash decisions you may regret.
  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine. Caffeine can cause insomnia which can also lead to daytime sleepiness since you don't feel as rested. Large amounts of caffeine can also cause blood pressure to rise for some people as it mimics stress, causing your heart rate to spike. Try switching to decaf if you're a coffee-lover and slowly wean yourself into drinking beverages with much lower caffeine content like green tea, herbal tea, or milk.
  • Incorporate daily exercise gently. If you can go for a walk/jog outside, that could be fun. (Don't forget to wear a face mask of course!) You can also try enrolling in a Zoom dance class if you're looking for a way to interact with people as you're stuck at home. The easiest and cheapest option would be to just follow fitness Youtubers at home. A 10-minute workout can go a long way if you do it on a daily basis.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water. We now have helpful little apps to continuously remind us to drink our water. You can even just set an alarm to remind yourself to consume a glass of water every other hour. Hydrating yourself is not only important for you to achieve that clear glass skin that's all the rage these days but it is also important for you to regulate your body temperature, prevent infections, and improve your mood and sleep quality.
  • Clean your house at least once a week. Not only is it great exercise but you will also be able to keep your house free from dust and allergens.
  • Eat a whole-food-based diet. Adaptogens won't be able to show their full effect if you don't use them in combination with a balanced, whole food diet. Reduce your sugar intake by choosing complex carbohydrates. They're high in fiber, digest more slowly and make you feel fuller longer, making them a great option for weight control as well. Reduce your sodium intake and ditch processed foods. Completely for the best results.

Incorporate Adaptogens in Your Diet Starting Today!

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