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Phone Grips and Mounts from PopSockets for Every Personality

Show off your fandom with mobile accessories from PopSockets.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian The Child PopSockets

In today's technology-driven world, our mobile phones have practically become an extension of ourselves. We use it to work, scroll through social media, connect with our loved ones, watch videos and movies, navigate through streets, and make memories. As such, it makes sense to accessorize our phones in a way that will perfectly showcase our unique personalities.

Two must-have phone accessories are phone grips, which can help us keep our phones safe as we text with one hand and multi-task throughout the day, and phone mounts, which can help our professional and personal on-the-go lives easier. PopSockets offers a wide range of fun, functional, and stylish PopGrips and PopMounts that prove convenience and practicality can go hand-in-hand and doesn't need to be boring. PopSockets even offers pop culture-related items so you can show off your favorite TV show or movie characters, or sports teams with pride.

For the "Baby Yoda" Lovers

Baby Yoda The Child Mandalorian PopGrip PopSockets

Technically named The Child, "Baby Yoda" has made quite a stir ever since he made an appearance in 'The Mandalorian' last year. Tiny and adorable yet strong, he has been gracing our TV screens once again since Season 2 began in October. Get your fill of "Baby Yoda" with adorable PopGrips of him holding a cookie, him holding a cup, or him looking up in awe in a forest. Or just get them all - they're all too cute!

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For the Potterheads

Hogwarts Harry Potter PopGrip PopSockets

It has been 13 years since 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' was released and almost a decade since the last movie came out, but one thing is for sure: the love for Harry Potter and the entire Wizarding World still lives on. Showcase your undying love for the boy who lived with glittery Death Hallows PopGrip, a glittery floral Hogwarts PopGrip, or an enamel PopGrip of your favorite Hogwarts House.

Add a PopMount 2 Car & Desk Black while you're at it. This mount will look great with any of the Harry Potter PopGrips and can help hold your phone in place the next time you binge-watch the movies.

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For the Superheroes

Iron Man Spider-Man Marvel PopGrips PopSockets

Love the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Although no new Marvel movies have been released this year due to the pandemic, you can still show your love for the comics and movies through some cool PopSockets accessories like this glow-in-the-dark arc reactor PopGrip for the Iron Man fans or this iconic logo PopGrip for the Spider-Man fans. They also have a wide array of PopWallet+ for Marvel fans to choose from!

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For the Disney Stans

Disney Princess PopGrip PopSockets

Did you grow up watching Disney movies? Have you always wanted to be a Disney princess? If you find yourself wanting to be part of a whole new world or dreaming that someday your prince will come, PopSockets has Disney Princess accessories for you to stock up on. Check out this beautiful Beauty and the Beast PopGrip with the stained glass rose and this magical PopGrip of Elsa in a forest, or get a PopGrip with all of the princesses on it!

If you're looking for a phone mount that matches your Disney princess vibes, the PopMount 2 Flex Miami Sunset would be a perfect choice. Its bright pink color will keep you happy and optimistic as you sing along to your favorite Disney movies while you do your nails or take a bubble bath.

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For the Football Fans

Football Sports PopSockets

If you never miss a game of football, then you'll be happy to hear that PopSockets has phone accessories for you, too, depending on which team you're following. They've got PopGrips for Ohio State and the Florida Gators, a PopWallet+ for the New Orleans Saints, and more!

If you love drinking beer while watching football, get yourself a PopThirst Can Holder Browns for good measure. This can holder includes an integrated (and swappable) PopGrip for the ultimate grasp and is made with a non-slip foam material to prevent hand slippage and spills. You can get a PopGrip Opener, too!

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So, take your pick from any of PopSockets' pop-culture-related PopGrips and match them with some colorful PopMounts to brighten up your everyday lives and show off what you love loud and proud. PopSockets' innovative products are sure to put a smile on your face. Get them as gifts for your loved ones to make them happy, too. You can even get their products completely personalized for a special touch.

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