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This is How CBD Helps Relieve Body Pain

Ever wondered how CBD helps relieve body pain? Read on to find out.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - CBD for Body Pain

You've probably experienced either one of these at least once in your life upon waking up: a really annoying stiff neck from the night before, or horribly sore thighs from yesterday's leg day at the gym.

You then have an internal debate on whether to have a massage or just pop a Tylenol from your medicine cabinet. But because you're pressed for time and want immediate relief, you go with the latter.

The thing is, you can't always rely on over-the-counter medication when body aches strike. That will damage your liver in the long run. Another solution you may want to try out the next time you're in pain is CBD.

Now, your next question might be along the lines of, "How does this work?" Fret not, dear reader. This article should help clarify any doubts you may have. It may even urge you to take a look at products like Quanta CBD and experience it for yourself.

Understanding Body Pain

Newsweek AMPLIFY - CBD for Body Pain

Before anything else, let's first try to understand what goes on in our bodies whenever we're in pain.

In a nutshell, that unpleasant physical sensation is our body's way of telling us that something is not right. It's a stern reminder for us to be more attentive and not cause further damage by letting it happen again.

We feel pain through the many receptors in the entire body. They send signals to our brain, which then interprets the pain. What becomes problematic is that these signals are sometimes excessive and unneeded, which is why we experience varying pain levels. But ultimately, it all depends on the severity of the injury.

In some cases, inflammation occurs. During this process, our entire system goes on fight mode against bacteria and other microbes that may hurt the body. It also happens when our defense system begins the process of repairing damaged cells.

Acute cases of inflammation go away immediately. But they can turn chronic in more severe cases, mostly those related to illnesses.

How Does CBD Deal With Pain?

The process of CBD's pain-relieving effects lies from within the body. We living, breathing organisms all have what's called an endocannabinoid system.

It may surprise you to know that the ECS is responsible for many vital functions like sleep, appetite, memory, and yes, pain management. Its main purpose is to provide balance for whenever certain systems in the body get rattled by outside threats.

Once CBD links with the ECS upon taking, it boosts the natural levels of endocannabinoids for pain relief. It also decreases the response to inflammation and numbs the pain receptors as part of its efforts to achieve that balance within the body.

In the cases of aches from strength training workouts where microtears are the cause, CBD impedes the release of pro-inflammatory signals. Pain levels drop, as a result, but without hindering the entire healing process.

Is CBD the Ultimate Solution For Pain?

Newsweek AMPLIFY - CBD for Body Pain

Ask any expert, and they will tell you that the answer to this question remains inconclusive. Most of them would rather conduct more studies before giving out a Yes with utmost certainty.

But here's what we know so far: With the way the ECS works and the results upon its interaction with non-psychoactive cannabinoids, there's a strong case here. Not to mention the many testimonials from people dealing with Fibromyalgia, rheumatic discomfort, and tennis elbow, and how CBD made their experience a lot more bearable.

The bottom line: if you're looking for a natural, less detrimental solution for body pain, CBD is a viable option.

What is a Good CBD Product for Body Pain?

Newsweek AMPLIFY - CBD for Body Pain

Typing in "CBD products for body pain" on Google will yield a ton of results that may lead you nowhere. So we'll help you narrow things down.

Here's one brand you may want to consider: Quanta CBD. It's comprised of 100% natural ingredients like beeswax, sunflower oil, and Vitamin E extracts to make the perfect muscle rub. You can also try out their anti-aging cream to get rid of those facial lines and wrinkles.

If you're still in doubt, head on to Quanta CBD's list of products, and get yourself the one that would suit you best.

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