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The Sad Horrors of Factory-Farmed Chickens

Chickens deserve to live a good life too. These sustainably sourced chickens from Cooks Venture guarantee that the ones you get on your table lived a full life.

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When you have that omelet for breakfast, those juicy tenders for lunch, or that rosemary chicken for dinner, what do you see? Do you see a chicken that has happily served its purpose? Or do you see a piece of meat? Chickens, with all the sustenance they give us, are probably one of the most abused animals in the world. While some people care enough for them to consider them part of the family, it sadly isn't the case for many.

Unless you've been living under a rock, animal rights activists have exerted a great effort to fight against the maltreatment of these birds. Videos show how thousands of them are being cooped up in one cage, force-fed, or made to lay eggs inhumanely often, giving us a clearer picture of what their life is like. Some of us may not be affected by the image, but would you really want to risk having an unhealthy chicken on your dinner plate?

Why Poultry Farming Kills Chickens

The poultry industry is one of the strongest within the food categories, no matter the time of year. This sector continues to boom, but not many farmers are willing to go through a humane process of raising chickens. That is what is called 'Poultry Farming' – it is the large-scale breeding of birds for the sole purpose of making them available (not ready) for human consumption. Billions of birds continue to die of this horrible practice each year, and there are not enough people fighting for them.

They Live To Die

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Two types of chickens are usually forced into this situation – layer hens and broiler chickens. As the name suggests, layer hens are female chickens caged in cramped spaces, made to lay eggs for consumption. While they are bred specifically for that purpose, they are deprived of their natural processes – like access to sunlight and movement, nesting, and caring for their chicks. Imagine having to bore eggs at lightning speed with no time to recover in a small and dark space – it is a slow, painful, and lonely life, or more aptly, death.

You know that time when you were a kid and badly wanted to grow up, only to regret it once you reached a certain age? Broiler chickens would probably envy you. While their life process is not as gruesome as that of layer hens, these birds are practically only born to die. Their incubation is fast-tracked to hatch and be caged in cramped housing, only to be bred at such a fast pace to be ready for slaughter days after. On an average day, chickens can live more than 15 years; the ones in this situation, though, are killed 42 days after hatching.

How They "Live"

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When you think of farming, you probably have a picturesque barn with lots of green spaces, sunlight and fresh air in mind. That picture is more or less correct, if you were to delete everything from it except that barn. That is what these birds are stuck with from the minute they were born until the moment they take their last breath. These chickens are bred without love or mercy, only to cater to the massive demand for poultry consumption. However, just like us, they are social beings, but instead trapped in a cage with complete strangers, and provided just enough to survive until slaughter day.

What You Can Do About It

Forcing everyone to turn vegan may not be realistic, however, ensuring that the chickens we consume get the care they need before they land on our tables, is. Cooks Venture lets us do just that, with their highly-sustainable solutions that aim to put an end to the horrific practices of big commercial farms.

How They Work

Sustainable Farming

Cooks Venture believes that high-quality meat starts from having spaces that allow each animal to thrive. They ensure that the farmers handle the chickens humanely with care, the hatching and breeding are natural, and the processing plants are safe and secure, thus guaranteeing responsible farming.

Pasture-Raised Heirloom Chickens

Unlike the harsh systems that commercial poultry farming practices, Cooks Venture lets their chickens live their best lives. A sound agricultural environment significantly reduces the stress these birds have to face come judgment day, ensuring that you have the juiciest, most tender meat served right to your doorstep. Unlike the poultry meat from big conglomerates, their farmers are also well taken care of, which allows them to manifest their positivity on their animals. Like the continuous cultivation of the soil on their land and the expansion of biodiversity, regenerative farming practices reduce carbon footprint, and aid in the fight against climate change. This system also ensures that we get the highest level of nutrients from our food without further damage to the environment.

Do Your Part

Fresh Chicken
Cooks Venture's Website

Every purchase you make through Cooks Venture is a vote against harmful practices on these animals. While we may not have the power to shut inhumane mass farming down, we can support responsible farming with the goal to make it the predominant farming method of the future. Besides, $20 off your first box delivered fresh from the farm right to your doorstep isn't a bad deal!

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