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Save Big On Your Pet's Medical Costs With This Pet Insurance Alternative

Make sure your pet is covered in case of any unforeseen events!

eusoh pet insurance alternative

If you think pets aren't worth having around, tell that to over half of Americans (68 percent) living with at least one pet in their household. As part of the family, your four-legged best friend deserves love and care as any family member would. Sometimes, that kind of love and care comes at a hefty cost, like setting them up for insurance - but it's an arrangement needed to cover for any unforeseen events and accidents that may arise along the way. At present, only around 1 percent of Americans have insurance for their pets.

When it comes to pets, the likelihood of accidents is a lot higher, especially when you're not there to keep an eye on them every hour of the day. It's been estimated that two out of every three pets will encounter a health condition that may incur a serious financial strain on you - an out-of-the-blue expense at the cost of your pet's life.

Sure, the average pet insurance with decent coverage can range between $30 and $50, but this also depends on your pet's age, breed, species, size, and even the state you live in! For dogs, the cost of insurance is much higher than for other pets.

Why Your Pet Needs Coverage

eusoh pet insurance alternative

If you have a pet and don't have coverage for your furbaby (or no-furbaby for that matter), you might be wondering why he or she needs one. For one thing, you should consider the costs of the common conditions depending on your pet's species without insurance. On average, common treatments for cats and dogs fall somewhere under $275, but there are other conditions that come at a higher price.

Treating parvovirus in puppies or addressing cancer and joint surgeries for aging pets can range anywhere from $900 to $10,000. Though your pet may have the best bill of health right now, it may not be the same case in their later years. Securing your pet with insurance helps lower the burden of unforeseen expenses and ailments - but for most common pet conditions, paying treatments out-of-pocket can be cheaper than paying pet insurance annually.

But that's where Eusoh comes in.

What Is Eusoh?

eusoh pet insurance alternative

As an alternative to pet insurance, Eusoh offers a simple, subscription-based coverage to your four-legged family members. Instead of paying monthly premiums as you would for an insurance policy, Eusoh gathers members into cost-sharing communities to pool monthly contributions and then use the funds to cover and reimburse pet care expenses. In short, you only pay for your pet's vet expenses after they happen, so only when you need to.

Like any coverage-related company, Eusoh still checks for fraud, audits bills, and moves funds once verified. With Eusoh's community-sharing coverage, you'll never have to pay more than $65 each month - a $17 monthly fee to Eusoh plus the care contribution you'll be providing to your specific community. Despite Eusoh not being a standard pet insurance policy, you'll still receive the standard 80 percent reimbursement for wellness expenses and routine veterinary check-ups paid in cash.

Derived from the term "eusociality," referring to the peak of social organization that involves cooperative community care, Eusoh aims to deliver the same care for each member in each of its communities to contribute to the welfare of their pets. Through modern technology and the sharing economy boom in travel, lodging, and workspaces, Eusoh founder Allen Kamrava insists that the concept can also be applied to how health coverage works - starting with your pets.

Eusoh Coverage Inclusions

eusoh pet insurance alternative

It's not difficult to set up a membership with Eusoh and use its benefits. After signing up, you just have to wait 30 days to submit your first veterinary expense to Eusoh. Here's how to use your Eusoh subscription:

  1. Attend your appointment with your preferred veterinarian as usual.
  2. Pay for the veterinary services rendered upfront (preferable in cash).
  3. Send a copy of the invoice and receipt that shows a breakdown of the total expenses incurred to Eusoh for reimbursement.
  4. After sending a copy of your receipt, Eusoh will verify the payments and reimburse the cost based on the national average pricing, including a variant to account for the differences in pricing across U.S. states.

Most traditional pet insurances don't usually cover routine veterinary visits and wellness expenses for pets. With Eusoh, here's what your pet health subscription covers:

  • Hereditary conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • Illness and injury exam fees
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Comprehensive periodontal disease
  • Prescription medications
  • Alternative therapies
  • Preventive care
  • Office visits and exam fees

Eusoh Vs. Traditional Pet Insurance

eusoh pet insurance alternative

No Insurance Premium

As mentioned earlier, Eusoh doesn't require you to pay a premium to get coverage before any unforeseen incidents happen. There's no need to worry about overpaying your pet's coverage - especially when there aren't any veterinary expenses incurred in a month. Instead, you simply have to pay the subscription fee as well as the dollar-for-dollar care contribution to your community each month.

Transparency In Fees

If there's one thing Eusoh wants to assure every member, it's that you don't have to worry about where their money goes. The only way Eusoh makes a profit is through the $17 subscription fee you pay each month, while care contributions go directly to the community. All coverage and reimbursements will be discussed before necessary procedures so you don't get blindsided.

Community-based Pet Care

The community you're tied into with Eusoh isn't just to share veterinary care expenses with; they're also a network of like-minded pet owners who can direct you to better care options for your pet.

No Preferred Networks

Traditional insurance providers usually have their own network of providers you choose from to use the policy you have. For Eusoh's coverage, you can visit your preferred veterinarian so you and your pet won't have to feel uncomfortable visiting an unfamiliar clinic.

Accessible For Filing

No one likes paperwork - it's taxing, time-consuming, and tiring to fill out. Eusoh cuts through the red tape and bureaucracy of filing reimbursements by simply letting you send a copy of expenses through your smartphone, so your requests are made seamlessly and without hassle.

Impressive Pet Coverage

Despite it not being a traditional insurance policy, Eusoh remains to have better pet care coverage than any other healthcare provider available. There's no need to dispute a claim with insurance agents - instead, you receive more comprehensive coverage for your pet's health and a quick reimbursement after your pet received the necessary care.

Your pets can only live so long - so make sure you keep them around long enough by giving them the best care available with Eusoh. Sign up with Eusoh today.

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