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These Amazing Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Are On Sale—Scoop Up These Great Deals!

Automatic Litter Boxes Could Make Your—and Your Cat's—Life Easier.

PetSafe self-cleaning litter box

There's nothing cuter than a new kitten rolling around the living room playing with your shoelaces. That's until you smell your fluffy angel's litter box in the next room. Then the reality of having to clean that litter box is impossible to ignore.

For many cat owners, one of the least appealing things about living with a feline is dealing with litter box odor. That's if you manage to train your kitty to use the litter box at all. If you don't, your home could quickly become uninhabitable to both you and your precious fluffball.

Why Choose a Self-Cleaning Litter Box?

PetSafe self-cleaning litter box

According to the ASPCA, over 10 percent of all cats develop elimination problems, stop using the litter box, or never learn how to use a litter box at all. The main reason for these issues is often that owners haven't cleaned the litter box often or thoroughly enough. Furthermore, when a cat gets used to not using the litter box, that avoidance can become a chronic problem.

If you already have a cat, you're probably familiar with your feline friend's litter box needs and habits. It's almost a rite of passage to browse the different types of litter in your local pet store, read reviews, and decide on the best option for your pet. It doesn't have to be so hard anymore. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology, there's a litter box that detects and collects your cat's refuse on its own. Buy yourself a self-cleaning litter box to keep your housekeeping chores light and those odors under control. An automatic litter box can be a change for some cats, and some may require some additional familiarization and training in order to feel completely comfortable.

How Does the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box Work?

PetSafe self-cleaning litter box

This is an automated litter box that handles all of your cat's waste for you. It comes with a self-cleaning litter box frame and a disposable, leak-proof tray placed under the box to hold the crystal litter. You just need to assemble the parts and plug in the litter box.

There are two versions of the self-cleaning litter box currently offered by PetSafe. Both models automatically deal with your pet's waste, but the more premium of the two can connect to a smartphone app to give you insight into your cat's health and litter usage. Both of these versions come in two models—a front-entry covered model and also a top-entry covered model. You can also customize notifications in the app so you will be notified when it's time to change the tray or order new trays.

In both models, an automatic sensor inside the box detects when your cat enters it, and starts a timer for 20 minutes. At the end of these 20 minutes, a metal rake will collect your pet's deposits and store them out of sight in another compartment, practically eliminating any odor. You'll never have to touch—or even see—any waste. When the waste trap is full, simply throw away the entire tray and load a new one. PetSafe suggests that you don't need to change the litter for weeks at a time once you've set it up.

Does It Control Odor Well?

PetSafe's self-cleaning litter boxes do more than clean up the mess for you. They cut down on odors, too. The device uses a unique "crystal litter," which removes smells by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste. When compared to typical cat litter, the company claims that their crystal litter cuts down on odors by up to five times more than regular clay kitty litter.

As a bonus, you won't have to deal with messy floors and little cat paws tracking litter through the house. PetSafe says the crystals are 99 percent dust-free and designed to not stick to your cat's feet. All models feature a high lip, so your cat's movements while inside the litter box are far less likely to cause litter to spill outside.

PetSafe self-cleaning litter box

Monitoring Your Cat's Health

We all love our pets and want them to be as healthy as possible. And while a self-cleaning litter box will help reduce odors, PetSafe offers a health counter on both ScoopFree models that tracks your cat's litter box activity to note any irregularities that may signal possible health concerns. The ScoopFree Smart Connected box allows you to monitor your cat's health from anywhere within the MyPetSafe app.

Furthermore, it will alert you to irregular use. That way, if your cat is using the litter box more often than it should, or not using the litter box for long periods of time, something could be wrong. Catching problems like these early could make a big difference to your cat's health, so consider a smart litter box for your household. This information could come in handy should you need to take your cat to the vet at any point.

How Much Does the ScoopFree Litter Box Cost?

Compared to standard litter boxes, these automated models from PetSafe may seem more expensive at $139.95 for the standard model and $180 for the Wi-Fi-enabled model. However, with all the features and the promise of less time in contact with feline poop, this could be a great investment for you and your cat.

Caring for a cat isn't always easy, and often requires endless patience and love. Invest in the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box and you could save all the time you would have spent scooping up your pet's poop.

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