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These Baby Yoda and Disney Tumblers Might Make You Want to Drink Water All Day

Show Your Love for Mandalorian and Disney With These Tumblers

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You might think that fulfilling a basic need such as drinking enough water daily would come naturally, but some still struggle to find ways to stay hydrated. Need to be reminded to keep sipping water? Perhaps keeping a tumbler with you could help. Take note of how much liquid it can store as well, to help you determine how many bottles you might need to finish each day. Typically, about 2 to 4 liters of water is recommended daily, depending on a number of factors like your gender, height, weight and daily activities.

Besides helping you track your water intake, tumblers could also be a style statement—especially when they come in a design you love. Tervis, which has been known for its double-insulated tumblers since 1946, features a collection of branded tumblers for fans of different movies, shows, and franchises.

Take a look at these Baby Yoda and Disney tumblers from Tervis, plus other branded designs you might like.

Mandalorian – Child Pattern

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This double-walled Mandalorian – Child Pattern tumbler can hold both hot and cold beverages. Its triple insulation aims to maintain your drink's temperature for extended periods of up to 24 hours. It's BPA-free, leak-resistant and copper-lined with 18/8 durable steel construction that helps prevent the retention of taste and color from drinks.

While tumblers are made for people on the go, you'd be surprised at how easily some of them could break—but not its tumblers, according to Tervis. Still, this Mandalorian tumbler comes with a limited five-year guarantee for a worry-free purchase.

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Mandalorian –The Child Sipping

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This Mandalorian – The Child Sipping tumbler is here to help carry your morning coffee or the water you might need to stay hydrated. The lid is designed to help prevent accidental opening, reduce condensation and leak, and keep your beverage cold for up to 48 hours. After every use, wash your tumbler with soap and water using a scratch-free sponge, and this tumbler could last for the next five years or so.

Click here to order this Mandalorian – The Child Sipping tumbler from Tervis.

Mandalorian – Child Playing

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A perfect gift for Star Wars and Mandalorian fans, you could reminisce about your own childhood days with this tumbler that features one of pop culture's most famous child characters right now. Ideal for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even wine or beer, this tumbler is convenient for daily use and binge-watching sessions with friends.

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Mandalorian – Child Gazing

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Get ready to conquer the galaxy with this tumbler that shows a hopeful-looking little Grogu. Made of stainless steel material, this 20-ounce tumbler is designed to be strong and durable. And though its print is produced using eco-friendly and plant-based ink, Tervis assures that its tumblers' designs won't easily fade, crack, or peel.

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Mandalorian – Chapter 12

Tervis 6

If you found yourself completely charmed by Grogu in this scene in Mandalorian season two, you're not alone. Carry a remembrance of that blue cookie incident everywhere you go with this tumbler. And the upside is, you get to stay hydrated. This Mandalorian collectible is both functional and stylish, and you may use it every day or leave it at home to be displayed on a shelf like a true Star Wars fan.

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Disney – Mickey Mouse Silver

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Nothing says Disney more than the sight of Mickey Mouse. This insulated tumbler with Mickey Mouse on it could help you savor your beverage in style throughout the day, whether you're drinking iced tea, coffee, water or your favorite café drink. Besides being able to maintain a consistent temperature, this sleek tumbler, which may hold up to 20 ounces of liquid, is said to be BPA-free, leak-resistant and features an easy-to-grab design for convenient hydration.

Click here to order this Disney – Mickey Mouse Silver tumbler.

Disney – Princess Group

Tervis 8

You could show you are a proud Disney fan with this Disney Princess tumbler from Tervis. There are a couple of Disney Princess tumbler prints to choose from—besides this Princess Group, individual Princess designs are also available. You'll find the Little Mermaid, Mulan and even Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Just look for your favorite from Tervis's Disney Fan Shop collection.

Click here to order your Disney – Princess Group tumbler.

Disney Villains – Group

Tervis 9

Store your drinks in this wicked Disney Villains tumbler. You could choose the most villainous designs—there are a couple in the lineup. There's the Evil Queen from Snow White, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and even Hades from Hercules. This tumbler could help keep your favorite drinks as cold as the Evil Queen or as hot as Maleficent's rage.

Click here to order this Disney Villains – Group tumbler.

Disney/Pixar – Pixar Lamp

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Start your day with a touch of Disney magic with this Disney Pixar tumbler. Coming in this sleek, minimalist design, this tumbler may be something Pixar movie addicts could appreciate. Get this tumbler to enjoy your drinks while watching your favorite Disney Pixar movies.

Click here to order this Disney/Pixar – Pixar Lamp tumbler.

Disney – Mickey Group Silhouette Black

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Relive your happy memories of Disney with this sleek Mickey Mouse tumbler. Designed with a matte black finish, this triple-insulated tumbler could carry 30 ounces of your favorite beverage while you're on the go.

Click here to order this Disney – Mickey Group Silhouette Black tumbler.

Other Tumblers in the Tervis Fan Shop

Tervis' high-quality insulated drinkware is available in different branded designs through the Tervis Fan Shop. Tervis tumblers shatter-proof, splash-proof and could keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot for long periods, and they may also come designed with your favorite brands, shows and characters. Tervis offers tumbler designs from more than 50 well-loved brands, including Marvel, Harry Potter, Friends, NBA and Netflix.

Why Purchase Your Drinkware from Tervis?

Tervis has been operating since 1946 and has built a reputation for making long-lasting, high-quality drinkware. Its tumblers were initially sold by John C. Winslow, an entrepreneur whose mission was to change the world by eliminating single-use drinkware with products made to last.

Tervis has a zero-waste goal, which it aims to achieve by the end of 2022. This means that the company won't be sending anything to a landfill by then and instead reduce, reuse, and recycle. Instead of discarding potential resources, Tervis' objective is to create a process where the scrap may be placed back into the system.

Looking for a hydration bottle to carry with you anywhere, whether just at home or to the gym? Check out Tervis' Disney Fan shop for your next tumbler.

Keep yourself hydrated wherever you go with these tumblers from Tervis.

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