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This Company Helps Protect Your Income If You Become Too Sick or Hurt to Work

The Most Convenient Way to Buy Disability Insurance in 2020

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You are young and strong with a heart full of ambition and goals for a promising future. You have your finances in order with attractive investments and a good retirement savings plan. However, there is a glaring hole that can jeopardize all your future planning and preparations. What if you become too sick or hurt to work and lose your source of income?

According to a study done by MIT Economics, one of the biggest threats to economic security for working people is the risk of career-ending disability. The US Social Security Administration (SSA) estimates that a young US worker has a 30% chance of experiencing a disability that limits work for at least 6 months before they reach retirement age. Therefore, investing in disability insurance is an essential financial decision for workers of all income levels, especially if you are self-employed.

Simply put, disability Insurance protects your income if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness. It is a reliable method to protect your income and provide for your loved ones if you ever happen to lose one of your greatest financial assets—the ability to earn a living.

This is where the need for a strong individual disability insurance policy comes in. Even if you are covered by a group disability policy at work, they often come with too many limitations that benefit your place of work rather than its workers. Breeze offers a quick, convenient, and affordable way to buy disability insurance. It is available completely online and the application process takes less time than it would take for you to brew your morning cup of coffee!

Should I Invest in a Disability Insurance?

Yes. If you are someone who relies on a source of income, it is always a good decision to have a safety net that protects or supplements that income until you are able to get back to work. Especially if you are in a profession that carries a high likelihood of injury, it is essential for you to properly plan and prepare for the risk. Disability is one of the most common causes of bankruptcy.

There are several government protection programs that target workplace safety and protections for workers who experience injuries in the workplace. However, even with government support, you may not be able to supplement your income and investments as you recover from a disability without disability insurance. According to Zacks research, a temporary total disability payment is required to cover about two-thirds of your gross average wage, including your overtime, bonuses, and vacation pay.

How Do I Get Disability Insurance?

If your employer offers group disability coverage, carefully read the fine print for the limitations since they usually come with many. The best option is to go for an individual disability plan from a private company with a policy recommendation that is customized for you. Before you commit to a disability insurance plan, always do your research first. A licensed insurance agent can save your time and energy on this step. You will need to provide your personal, professional, and basic medical information when you complete your application with necessary supporting documentation. Before finding out if you can are approved for coverage, you will need to go through underwriting. This may require a medical exam.

Breeze has made the process of buying disability insurance extremely quick and easy—a fraction of the time of other disability insurance providers.

Step 1: Enter your details to get a quote with real rates and built-in coverage recommendations.

At this step, you have to select the kind of company that you work for, how you categorize your current job (technical/light labor/labor, etc.), your work location, and other basic information.

Step 2: Choose your coverage amount and other features you require.

Breeze recommends a 10 year benefit period with a 90 day waiting period. You can select the preferred monthly benefit and a monthly cost that you can afford. There are also optional riders available at an additional that can help you customize your coverage to meet your unique financial needs.

Step 3: Apply

Breeze offers a fully online application process that can typically be completed in only 10-15 minutes. If you have questions or concerns at any point, you can get help from a dedicated disability insurance expert at Breeze by phone, email, or online chat.

Step 4: Get a fast decision

Some applicants may get their approval or denial right away after the application is submitted. For more complex situations, Breeze may send any additional questions and/or a medical exam before a final coverage decision can be made.

If you become disabled, your monthly premium payments will be waived off and your monthly disability benefits will begin to payout immediately after your policy's waiting period ends. With extremely affordable prices, a simple online process, and stellar customer service, Breeze is the most convenient and secure way to get disability insurance.

Protect your income with Breeze Disability Insurance today!

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