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This Mattress Genie Will Help Make Your Life in Bed More Comfortable

You deserve it


No matter how short or long your days might get, the idea of crashing into bed to do absolutely nothing feels like a much-deserved reward. Allowing yourself to let go of the stresses of the day gives you the chance to clear your head and plan accordingly for the day ahead.

How Finding the Perfect Bed Might Help


Getting a good night's sleep assists your health in more ways than one. Here are some of the benefits you can reap by putting in those precious hours of beauty sleep.

It Can Strengthen Your Immune System

American Academy of Sleep Medicine's spokesperson, Shalini Paruthi, M.D. emphasizes that getting enough sleep lets your immune system recharge and gives it the energy to fight off viruses. It also makes vaccines more effective as well-rested people develop better antibody responses than sleep-deprived individuals.

It Can Help Control Your Weight

Sleep deprivation results in an unbalanced release of ghrelin and leptin, which can mess up your appetite. Ghrelin is an appetite-boosting hormone, while leptin is responsible for signaling that you're already full. A lack of sleep could cause you to eat more due to a lack of energy, leading to unnecessary weight gain.

It Can Keep Your Brain Sharp

Even when your body is at rest, your brain still works in filing your memories in the right departments (like in the Pixar movie 'Inside Out'). Getting the right amount of sleep boosts the efficacy of your cognitive functions so you can remember things effortlessly and focus better in the morning. It also lets you skip out on that midday coffee run and lessens the need for extra caffeine during the day that could lead to sleepless nights.

It Ensures a Healthier Heart

According to Paruthi, sleep deprivation may lead to heart problems and put you at a higher risk for hypertension and heart attacks. Your body's cortisol levels rise when you're tired in an effort to battle the stress. Therefore, having too much of it might send your heart into overdrive. Getting enough sleep can also help lower your blood pressure and give your heart and blood vessels the recovery that they need.

It Could Save Your Life

Paruthi claims that sleep-deprived driving is just as bad as drunk driving. In fact according to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the risk of crashing your car doubles when you're running on seven or fewer hours of sleep. Sleeping for five hours or less quadruples your odds, so it would always be best to get enough sleep at night.

Find the Perfect Way to Sleep Within Seconds

Mattress Genie

Getting those hours of uninterrupted sleep is definitely important, and Mattress Genie is here to save the night. Its bed wedge system can turn any regular mattress into an adjustable bed.

How the Mattress Genie Works

All it takes is a few minutes of installation to see this genie works its magic. After connecting everything, place the air chamber under the head of your mattress between the base and the mattress. After that, you can push the buttons of the remote control until you get your desired elevation within seconds so you can enjoy a comfortable sitting position or lay it down flat at night.

You don't need to worry about the chambers bursting, either. Its reinforced, heavy-duty canvas brushed fabric can easily withstand up to 1000 pounds. An AC-powered, UL-certified motor makes this wedge powerful enough to go from flat to full 40-degree inflation in a matter of seconds, while its ergonomic, illuminated remote lets you adjust your bed easily so everyone on it stays comfortable throughout the night.

The Mattress Genie can turn any bed into an adjustable cushion, ensuring that your body gets the support it needs for the most rejuvenating sleep. Aside from being a cheaper alternative to buying a new bed, it works with almost any type of mattress so you can maximize your current option.

It also uses air instead of springs to elevate the wedge so you don't have to worry about your mattress feeling uneven. Installing it is easy, too, since it doesn't involve any heavy machinery. Just place the wedge under your mattress, plug it in, and adjust the elevation with a simple push of a button.

Why You Might Need a Mattress Genie

Mattress Genie

While some people are able to sleep the minute they lie down, others might need a little more help from their beds. Sleeping with ample elevation is said to be helpful for people who breathe with their mouths, a problem that could leave you with reduced oxygen in your lungs and lead to snoring and teeth problems. A Mattress Genie could help you keep your mouth closed throughout the night.

An adjustable bed frame may also help with fluid retention, letting you veer away from edema. Putting the Mattress Genie by your feet will elevate your legs higher than your heart, helping with body circulation. It also helps keep chronic pain at bay by relieving your pressure points as you sleep. An adjustable mattress could prevent acid reflux and heartburn, as well, by lessening the exposure of acid to your esophagus.

The Mattress Genie was created as an answer to the need for elevated sleep. Instead of investing in an entirely new mattress, Contour Living gives you a more affordable solution for high-quality sleep. The Mattress Genie has been helping people worldwide for 15 years now, enabling them to rest and recharge effortlessly.

Buy a Mattress Genie now and reward yourself with quality sleep you deserve.

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