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This Phone Plan Could Give You Unlimited Data For As Low As $50/Month

Enjoy Unlimited Data From Simple Mobile As Low As $50/Month

Simple Mobile
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Can you imagine life without data?

Mobile phones have become essential in virtually every aspect of our lives, and many of us could need an incredible amount of data to cover most of the things we do on our devices. We use data to send e-mails, do video calls, and keep up with our group chats and social media. Ordering food, booking a ride, or doing bank transactions on the fly are all done through data. Streaming our favorite shows and movies? We can't do that either without a data plan.

That said, paying for data could be costly, especially if you're tied to a long-term phone contract with a service provider. If you're looking for a flexible option that could give you unlimited data and other perks at a lower cost, the answer is simple.

Unlimited Data, Simplified

Simple Mobile's 30-day service plans could be best described as "what you see is what you get:" you pay for the service you need, without miscellaneous fees and hidden charges. Getting connected could be easy—you can purchase the plan you want, activate your SIM, and start making calls or using your plan's data allocation right away.

Simple Mobile offers plans that could match your budget and data needs. For as low as $50 per month, you could enjoy unlimited 4G data, with hotspot access and unlimited calls and text. They also offer more affordable options: for example, their $25 plan comes with two gigabytes of Long-Term Evolution (LTE), with unlimited 2G data once the LTE allocation is used up. You can start with the basic plan and upgrade or purchase add-ons anytime if you need more data. If you decide to switch plans, you could do it at no extra cost.

Simple Mobile does not require a long-term contract. When your plan is about to expire, you simply top-up (or "ReUp") your service by purchasing another 30-day service plan. You can ReUp online or through a retailer in your area. For added convenience, you can enroll your account for automatic ReUps so that you could enjoy uninterrupted service.

Premium Perks

Simple Mobile
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Simple Mobile's perks and extras could rival those of other mainstream service providers. You can find some of them below:

  • Nationwide coverage. Simple Mobile is powered by T-Mobile and now has 5G coverage too.
  • Unlimited International Calls. Aside from unlimited local data, calls, and texts, Simple Mobile's service plans also come with international calls and texts. You could get unlimited calls to 69 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and China. On top of this, you also get up to $20 worth of international call credits for 100 other countries.
  • Keep Your Current Phone. You could keep using your current phone and number as long as your current device is compatible or unlocked. If you want a brand new device, such as the latest iPhone or Samsung flagship model, you could opt to get a phone and service plan bundle. Some models are even available for installment to make it easier on your pocket.
  • Easy Monitoring. Simple Mobile has a companion app that could make it easy for you to ReUp your plan, get support, check your data usage, and so much more.
  • Rewards. Sign up for Simple Mobile's rewards program to save up to $100 each month. Every time you top up, you could earn points which can go towards a free month's worth of service.
  • Cloud Storage. Simple Mobile's $60 service plan comes with 50 gigabytes of cloud storage—which could be ideal for backing up your most important files, photos, and apps.
  • Device Protection. Some plans are eligible for Mobile Protect, which could cover your device from cracked screens, mechanical and electrical failure, and liquid spills.

Simplify Your Wireless Plan

You can sign up for Simple Mobile in a few easy steps. If you want a new phone, you could start by selecting a device through this link. If you want to keep your phone, you can check your device's compatibility here. From there, you could choose a plan you like, and you're all set.

If you're ready to simplify your wireless plan, click here to learn more about Simple Mobile.

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