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This Pillow is a Great Choice for Side Sleepers

Get Better Sleep at Night

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It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

Good sleep is important for your health, but there may be several reasons why you aren't getting a good night's sleep. One common disruptor is sleep apnea, a condition that occurs when the airways become blocked during sleep. If you are suffering from a severe case of it, it would be advisable to first consult a doctor on how to treat it. However, as Harvard Health noted in its tips to getting better sleep, there are also additional factors that may play a part in how well you sleep at night, such as your sleeping schedule, sleeping position, caffeine intake, and lighting conditions.

How to Get Better Sleep at Night

While everybody's sleeping patterns and conditions may be different, there are a few minor lifestyle changes you could make to potentially sleep better at night.

Avoid napping later in the day.

While short power naps could be beneficial for your body, it wouldn't be advisable to take naps that last more than 20 minutes long, especially if you already have a hard time sleeping at night.

Follow a consistent sleeping schedule.

You may have noticed that if you stay up late one night, it could take a few days before you start getting a decent night's sleep again. This is because you could be throwing off your body's natural circadian rhythm. This rhythm refers to the physical, mental, and behavioral changes you may experience in a day. If you have consistent sleeping and waking times, you could help your body clock stay on track and, in turn, have an easier time falling asleep.

Avoid drinking alcohol before bed.

The old night-cap adage is not necessarily beneficial. In fact, studies showed that consuming alcohol before bed could bring about sleep apnea symptoms, snoring, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Clear your mind before going to bed.

Easing your mind before going to bed is important if you want to sleep well. Look for a pastime that relaxes you—be it meditating, exercising, or simply listening to music.

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Does Sleeping Position Affect How You Sleep?

Research suggests that sleeping on your side may result in shoulder, back, and neck pain for some people. If you are a side sleeper and aren't comfortable sleeping in other positions, you might want to check out other ways to help you sleep better.

How to Sleep Better on Your Side

Place a pillow between your knees.

When you sleep on your side, your spine may be put out of alignment partially due to your knees not getting the support they need to straighten your lower spine. This lack of support when you sleep on your side could result in lower back and knee pain in the morning. Placing a pillow between your knees could offer additional support while also straightening your hips into a healthier alignment.

Stretch before and after bed.

Stretching, in general, is good for maintaining your joints and muscles. Doing stretches, particularly in the morning, is an excellent way to get the blood flowing and loosen any joints that might be feeling a bit tight after a sound slumber.

Choose a pillow with the right support.

A pillow that offers the right position, firmness, and height could make a huge difference for people who sleep on their side. The perfect pillow should be able to give your head and neck the support that they need while contouring into the curves of your body and keeping your spine fully aligned. If your pillow doesn't seem to be cutting it, you may want to consider getting a better one.

Back Support System's Be Cool Contour Pillow

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Designed with BeCool technology, this pillow not only aims to give your neck and head the support that they need but also helps to ventilate and cool these body parts throughout the night. The pillow also has a curved design so that when you place your head in the middle, it will stay at a height that could help keep your neck and spine better aligned. Choose from small, medium, and large depending on your personal preference, and let this eco-friendly product help ease your pain and feel more refreshed every morning.

Get yours now, starting from $129.89.

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