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This is Why Menopausal Women Love MenoLabs

Feeling menopausal symptoms? Discover why menopausal women love Menolabs.

Why Menopausal Women Love Menolabs
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Menopause can make days uncomfortable. Ordinary warm weather feels like an intense heatwave. Weight gain becomes a problem more than it already has, forcing you to watch your diet excessively. And the mood changes so suddenly you can't even keep up with yourself sometimes.

It could be frustrating to live with these menopausal side effects, always wishing there was something you can do to avoid them or even just reduce the impact on your mood and body.

Well, lucky you.

The word on the street is, there's this life-changing product that menopausal women swear by – MenoLabs.

What is MenoLabs?

Why Menopausal Women Love Menolabs

Women spend half their lives in menopause and it seems to be overlooked by the medical community. In fact, the National Institute of Health does not have a category for research funding for menopause.

Answering the call for medical research that aims to focus on menopausal women's health, MenoLabs has committed over 20 years of research to provide the best solutions to menopausal symptoms.

Made for women by women, menopausal women are provided with long-overdue relief from the symptoms they thought they would have to carry for the rest of their journey.

With MenoLabs, menopausal symptoms are resolvable, allowing you to live the rest of your life at a more comfortable and enjoyable pace.

Why Menopausal Women Love MenoLabs

Why Menopausal Women Love Menolabs
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Reduced Hot Flashes

How often hot flashes occur varies among women, but for those who experience intense heat and discomfort in the middle of the night, the good news is that women report a significant reduction in night sweats. No more having to endure hot flashes during the day as well, since women attest to the true power of MenoLabs anti-hot flash ingredients.

Helps with Weight Loss

Since all women have the right to decide whether they want to lose weight or not, not all product lines from MenoLabs helps with weight loss. But for those seeking to trim a few pounds, hormone changes that trigger feelings of hunger are controlled. Metabolism is also given a boost through a specialized probiotic blend, thus contributing to supporting a healthy weight.

Maintains a Healthy Gut

Menopause changes your microbiome, and without a healthy gut microbiome, everything else in your body suffers. All MenoLabs supplements are equipped with complete probiotic formulations to maintain a healthy gut even when estrogen and progesterone hormones are not being produced as much as the body was initially accustomed to. With complete probiotic ingredients, MenoLabs is able to promote digestive health during all stages of menopause.

Balances Mood Swings

During the transition to menopause, estrogen levels drop, causing wide-ranging changes throughout the body. These changes may result in fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating – all contributing factors to sudden mood swings.

MenoLabs helps the body cope up with the sudden changes in estrogen levels to maintain a stable mood throughout the day. And if you're wondering, the gut-brain relationship also affects anxiety in menopausal women, which MenoLabs helps prevent with its Lactobacillus formulation.

Glowing Skin, Healthy Hair and Nails

Without hormone replacement therapy, menopausal women notice significant changes in the skin, hair, and nails. As this is due to the natural reduction of estrogen production, MenoLabs adds vibrancy to thinning hair, brittle nails, and drying skin by hydrating the skin from the inside out. MenoLabs also helps reverse the effects of UV damage, including fine lines and wrinkles.

MenoLabs Made for You

Why Menopausal Women Love Menolabs
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MenoFit focuses more on providing hot flash relief while aiding with weight loss and boosting metabolism. The ingredients also help the body cope up with mood swings. Should you feel the need to trim a few extra pounds, MenoFit helps menopausal women achieve their weight goal without harming the gut.


MenoGlow boosts radiance throughout the menopausal journey by reversing the effects of UV damage, including fine lines and wrinkles. This is also perfect for women who are experiencing thinning hair and brittle nails since MenoGlow is specifically formulated to help achieve strong hair and nails.


MenoGuard is more of overall immune support and respiratory health supplement. This formula also takes into consideration that menopausal women are more likely to experience osteoporosis due to bone loss. As such, MenoGuard's formula also provides the best probiotic strains that support bone health.

MenoLabs – It's More than Just a Product

Why Menopausal Women Love Menolabs
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Menolabs understands the role that microbiome plays in overall health, more so in menopausal women. All products are formulated with complete probiotic supplements so that regardless of your need – whether it's weight loss, bone strength, or clear skin – a healthy gut is still prioritized.

MenoLabs is more than just your ordinary supplement. These formulas are made especially to aid with the second half of womanhood. Menopause does not necessarily have to mean that life is over for women, and MenoLabs ensures that by your 40s, 50s, up until your 60s, life can still be as sweet and enjoyable as it was before menopause.

Discover why menopausal women love Menolabs.

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