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Top 10 Foods To Eat To Fight Stress And Anxiety

These are the best things to eat if you need to calm down and relax.


With the lines between work and your personal life becoming blurred and the uncertainty of the times overwhelming you with stress and anxiety - you may find yourself eating more than usual to relieve your tension.

This emotional response may provide temporary relief, but eating the wrong food (e.g., sugary snacks) may have serious health repercussions. Here's what to eat instead:

1. Pistachios

When anxious, it helps to do something repetitive as the rhythmic movement helps silence your inner monologue. Case in point, cracking open pistachios, again and again, can help you relax. Also, pistachios have phytonutrients that can help lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and support your cardiovascular health.

2. Avocado

Also known as green gold, eating this superfood can help fill your belly, make you feel full and satisfied. This will help veer you away from mindless eating. On the other hand, avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals, specifically B vitamins and heart-healthy fats, which can reduce anxiety. It also has magnesium, potassium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and beta-carotene.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables

green vegetables

When feeling blue, stock up on your greens! Spinach, kale, broccoli, and collards are brimming with brain-healthy nutrients like beta carotene, folate, lutein, vitamin K, and more. Not only are these good for your brain, but they help protect your heart, blood vessels, and can help you feel calmer, happier, and more energetic.

4. Salmon

Salmon is full of omega-3, a fatty acid that helps provide more oxygen to the brain and improve your memory. Other sources of omega-3 include bluefin tuna, sardines, algae, and other fatty fish. Salmon is also an excellent source of vitamin D, which reduces panic and depression levels.

5. Oranges

Oranges are a great source of vitamin c, an essential nutrient for reducing the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol in high levels can cause fatigue, increased appetite, and weight gain, especially around the belly area. Vitamin C can help fight against this while lowering your stress levels and helping you relax.

6. Eggs

eggs on toast

Eggs are a natural source of vitamin D that can reduce depression symptoms and aid with better immune function and anti-inflammation. Eggs also have acetylcholine, a chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter in your brain and can help regulate your mood, thus managing your stress levels.

7. Turmeric

This spice has anti-inflammatory properties such as curcumin, which has been linked to increasing "feel-good hormones" such as serotonin and dopamine. In effect, turmeric can help improve your emotional well-being by decreasing your anxiety and depression. Turmeric is also used as an Ayurvedic medicinal spice to help with a more calming, quality sleep.

8. Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, and sunflower seeds are choc-full of magnesium, helping alleviate fatigue, depression, and irritability. If you're a girl, you can eat these during your time of the month to help decrease PMS symptoms such as cramps and water retention. Seeds can also help lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

9. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Research shows that dark chocolate effectively reduces stress hormones, specifically cortisol and "fight-or-flight" hormones known as catecholamines. It's been proven that eating an average-sized dark chocolate bar (1.4 ounces) daily can provide you with stimulants like caffeine and theobromine, all the while improving your memory and your brain function.

10. Chamomile

A cup of chamomile tea has always been known as a great way to relax and unwind. Chamomile is known to enhance sleep, promote relaxation, and to improve one's sleep quality. As we all know, an adequate amount of sleep is necessary to calm and restore the body, sharpen your decision-making, regulate your mood, and make you better able to cope with stress.

Top Products and Supplements That Can Fight Anxiety

Eating and drinking these will help you cope with the stress and anxiety that you have, and which the pandemic may have exacerbated - but if you need an extra boost, these supplements and other products can help too:

1. Cymbiotika's The Omega

cymbiotika the omega

This high-quality vegan Omega-3 product not only provides you with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to fight off stress, but it has a myriad of other health benefits as well. It helps prevent dementia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, and it improves mental endurance, cognitive function, and memory. It also helps balance hormones, supports nerve cells, and offers neuroprotection.

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2. Nirvana CBD Shots (40 pieces)

nirvana 40 shots cbd

There have been several studies that link CBD to lowering levels of different kinds of stress; these include insomnia, social anxiety disorder (SAD), post-traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Each Nirvana CBD shot has 33mg of CBD and comes in four flavors: vanilla, peppermint, grapefruit, and strawberry.

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3. Future kind+ Ultimate Vegan Bundle

vegan super bundle

This bundle has a bottle of vegan multivitamins that are chock-full of B12, Omega-3, and vitamin D to boost your energy and reduce brain fog. It also has a pouch of Vegan Super Greens to jumpstart your morning on a healthy note and a dropper of vegan iodine, maintaining the body's metabolic processes, heart rate, and weight.

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4. Blis My Pet and I Chill Bundle

blis bundle

Unsurprisingly, if you've been cooped up at home, chances are your pets may have stress and anxiety too. Don't worry though, CBD has been proven to help calm cats and dogs - which is why this bundle is perfect for you and your fur baby. It comes with a bottle of full-spectrum CBD, a container of CBD gummies, and a bottle of pet-friendly full-spectrum CBD that can easily be mixed into their water or food.

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5. Half Day CBD Bundle

halfday bundle

CBD is known to provide relief to people who have anxiety, but if you aren't sure which form works for you, you may want to try this bundle. It has CBD gummies, a 1000mg tincture, and pre-rolls. You can start with a gummy in the morning, the tincture in the evening, and the pre-rolls right before bed. Whichever way you use it, their all safe for daily use and are guaranteed to soothe you. Also, buy buying the bundle instead of the different products on their own, you save $45!

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Don't let stress and anxiety get the best of you. Take a bite of these foods and use these products and supplements for a soothing and calming time.

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