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Upgrade Your Team Interaction With OMEN Headset 800

Team coordination has never been easier

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Crystal clear communication is vital for effective team interaction. With supreme comfort, immersive soundscape, multi-dimensional audio, and clarity under control, your team is fully immersed in a conducive environment that gives an added advantage to deliver more. Even when you are working with a team that is far away, you feel as if they are right there with you.

In the last few decades, many people have known HP company in the line of gaming laptops, printers, tablets, desktops, computer accessories, and other HP accessories such as speakers, keyboard and mouse.

The OMEN 800 headset joins the club with great attention to the needs of the modern professional. The pricing, coming in at an affordable price just below $100– far below what most of the high-end headset costs, the headset makes a strong claim in the market for one of the best communication tools in the market. Moreover, they are the kind of headset you can wear all day without any discomfort.

The OMEN 800 headset from HP is a set of headphones that are designed to cool your ears down. The cooling system is re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up to ensure comfort. This gives your team the confidence needed to perform at the highest level, with minimum to no interruptions.

The addition of backpack HP accessories to the OMEN headset 800, computer desktop adds a new taste to the platform, and by expanding the OMEN accessory lineup with a good OMEN keyboard and OMEN mouse, HP is bringing attention to every aspect of performance experience.

User Comfort

Despite its size, it is light on the head and puts very little pressure on the ears. You can wear the Omen 800 for hours on end with no effect of discomfort. Weighing s431g, the OMEN 800 Headset appears in the list of the lightest headsets in its class. They lightly rest around your head without feeling like you're being squeezed. On the other hand, it has large ear cups, unlike regular headphones.

Sound Quality

Good sound is paramount for effective communication for several reasons ranging from a more immersive experience to being able to hear even unclear details. The Omen 800 simply delivers consistent and clear sound, whether you're in a teleconference, gaming, or serving your customers. There's a fantastic balance between music, sound effect, and voice work. The balance between treble and bass sounds reasonably accurate. It delivers excellent sound while also winning for being the most comfortable headset you can find in the market.

OMEN Headset 800 Vs Others

Finding that perfect headset is a bit challenging, especially when trying to work within a budget. The market has become saturated with hundreds of headphones continually changing to adjust to consumer needs.

OMEN Headset 800 has a suspension headband design where the soft, leatherette band is separated from the metal wireframe, which hovers above the band. That is not the case with many different headphones like the Corsair VOID PRO or Razer Kraken that have a single, thick band configuration that puts pressure on your head.

HP offers the Omen Headset 800 as a pack-in with some of the company's gaming devices as well as computer accessories.

Improve the quality of your team interaction with OMEN 800 Headset which comes at just $79 apiece, plus 12-month warranty.

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