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Want to Iron Clothes Better? Add a Bit of Science!

You're Actually Manipulating Molecules Like a Scientist!

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Science of Ironing Clothes
If you've stayed far away from steam irons because of its risks, a little science lesson will help you enjoy ironing clothes again.

Ironing clothes is a daunting task for almost anyone. The goal is simple, but the execution gets hard. All you have to do is make unappealing, wrinkled clothes to be straightened and ready for use in the office, school, or that fancy party. And while everyone would love to have their clothing speak for their overall appearance, some people just resort to leaving their clothes wrinkled and say that it's part of the style.

But what most people do not understand in the process of straightening clothes is that it involves a bit of science to make it happen. So regardless of the effort you put in your ironing, or what technique you use in ironing, knowing how to iron clothes better gets easier when you approach it smartly. It's better to know what you're doing before making any decisions, starting with the kind of steam iron you use. Innovative products like Oliso's patented Smart Iron makes the process of straightening clothes easier through its patented technology and respects the process of ironing clothes.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Science of Ironing Clothes
Some people underestimate the use of moisture and steam in ironing clothes when it actually makes the process faster and safer for clothes!

Molecules and Wrinkling

To understand the science of ironing, the first thing to understand is how your iron affects your clothes. Your garments are made up of molecules that are bound together that allows it to hold its shape. These molecules tend to become loose when in contact with water, and once it evaporates, the molecules tighten again. This is where the wrinkling begins.

This is why it is almost unavoidable to prevent your clothes from wrinkling because the presence of moisture will continue to loosen the fabric and lasts until it eventually evaporates.

When you hang your clothes outdoors, the combination of the sun's heat and the wind's pressure continually allows the movement of the molecules. Those wrinkles happened in the moments where the molecules still move and the heat suddenly evaporates its moisture.

Moisture and Heat is the Secret Formula

Now that you know how exactly how wrinkling works in your clothes, using your iron now gets even more convenient. A steam iron should obviously be the smart choice for your next purchase to get the best of both worlds. One of the best steam irons out there is the Oliso Smart Iron, which has 7 options for using steam and an iron that has a fully adjustable heating mechanism.

You need to use both your iron and steam to make the magic happen. The best way to use steam in your ironing is to allow the moisture to linger in the cloth to have the time to loosen before removing the wrinkles. This works since the moisture content is enough to loosen molecules and evaporates quickly at the same time.

On Fabrics and Heat Tolerance

Have you noticed some of your clothes are threading and deteriorating in quality? It could possibly be caused by incorrect use of heat on the fabric in question. Not all clothes require the same amount of heat and moisture to be fully straightened. So when you're ironing all your clothes in one sitting, check the types of fabric and sort them according to the amount of heat and moisture required.

Heat control is important in ironing clothes. There is a tendency that your clothes will be scorched when you apply excessive heat, and you don't want that to happen in your favorite shirt. The trick is to start with fabrics that require low heat first then transition gradually to those who need higher temperatures.

An iron with a thermostat feature is not the best iron to work with, so better use an iron with fixed options for different fabrics. This intuitive iron, for example, makes your organization easier with user-friendly temperature control features for a variety of clothes.

No Science Without Safety

When working directly with heat, there's always going to be risks involved such as accidentally burning your skin or scorching your clothes. Even if your dominant hand is out of harm's way with the heat, your other hand is required to manipulate the fabric in tough spaces that need ironing, like the backs of a button or the folds in your pants.

Not all steam irons prioritize your safety, but focus more on getting the job done. To prevent potential injuries from happening, you can use gloves to alleviate the heat from directly contacting your skin. You can also wait for your clothes to cool down before moving on to the hard to reach spaces, but it might take more time and become more of an inconvenience. What you can do is invest in a steam iron that has built-in safety features that protect you from these cases.

The Oliso Smart Iron is the only steam iron that has a patented scorchguards® that protect your clothes in the chance that you suddenly leave the iron in your clothes by raising the iron away from harm when it doesn't detect your hand. It also automatically shuts off in 30 minutes in case you forgot to pull the plug after use. To address those pesky spaces, this home appliance has a detailer tip that allows you to iron it without guidance made possible by the gap in between the iron.

Now that you've learned the science behind ironing your clothes, it's time to see the wonder on your own. And make sure to use a steam iron that can do exactly what is needed to make the perfect ironed clothes.

Get the best ironing result with a little help from science and the feature-packed Oliso Smart Iron!

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