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Want to Lose Weight? Here's Why Stand Up Paddleboarding Should Be Your Next Workout

Lose the pounds with a fun workout you actually enjoy


Picture the scene: a sunny day at the beach framed by palm trees swaying slightly with the breeze. Paddling from the shore, you cruise over serene turquoise waters and peek at the vibrant corals just beneath the surface.

It's such an idyllic vision that it's hard to believe stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is actually a workout. While many popular weight loss programs are high-intensity and grueling, this recreational sport is often associated with tropical vacations, laid-back summer days, and exploring the great outdoors.

But just because SUP is more chill than other exercise options doesn't mean that it's any less of a workout. In fact, the activity can help you burn a tremendous amount of calories, strengthen the different muscles of your body, and improve flexibility. It may seem like a challenge for beginners, but with the right board and a healthy sense of adventure, you'll be coasting with ease in no time!

Bluefin has an extensive selection of boards designed to suit different paddlers, from confident speedsters to beginners to water-loving kids who need a more compact platform.

Whether you're drifting over still rivers or ripping through waves on your board, stand up paddleboarding is one of the best ways to shed a few extra pounds with a fun activity that you actually enjoy.

Paddleboarding Is a Full-Body Workout With Significant Calorie Burn

Stand up paddleboarding is best known as an amazing core workout, but it's more of a full-body workout than many people believe. Nearly all muscles in the body, from the leg muscles to the arms and upper back to the core, are engaged while balancing on the board and pushing the paddles through the water.

Simply standing on a board and keeping your balance can burn as much as 186 calories, according to SUP Ready. As you become stronger and work your way to more strenuous activities, the calorie burn also increases.

On average, an hour of recreational paddleboarding burns 305 to 430 calories, paddleboard yoga 416 to 540 calories, paddleboard surfing 623 to 735 calories, and paddleboard racing 713 to 1125 calories.

For comparison, running for an hour typically burns 510 to 650 calories.

As with all sports, the harder and longer that you work, the more calories you are bound to burn. It might be slow going in the beginning as you learn to balance and remain stable on the move. Novice paddlers start gradually getting stronger and building muscle, which will help not just in burning calories, but also in becoming a better paddle boarder.

Eventually, you'll be able to master the technique and paddle harder, longer, and faster—and in turn, lose more weight with each trip.

A Low Impact Workout That Won't Get You Stressed

Since SUP is a low impact workout that doesn't put too much pressure on any part of the body, it's a great exercise option for people of all ages and fitness levels.

One of the best things about paddleboarding is that you are free to go at your own pace. Unlike in the gym, group workouts, or even team sports, there's less pressure to compete or keep up with other people. Whether you want to take it easy with gentle paddling or push yourself to your limits by racing friends, it's up to you to dictate how hard you want to go—and you'll reap the fitness benefits either way!

It's also an ideal workout for fitness enthusiasts who prefer a laid-back atmosphere while exercising.

All You Need Is a Board, Paddle, and Water


No pricey gym memberships, fancy equipment, or regular upgrades necessary for this sport. When it comes to SUP, all you really need is a sturdy board and paddle, and you can start exploring any body of water near you. (A nose for adventure doesn't hurt.)

With a lifetime of experience in the water, the people behind Bluefin know exactly what paddlers want and need in their SUP gear. Each Bluefin paddleboard kit includes an inflatable board, fiberglass paddle, fins, leash, pump, and a SUP backpack.

From pointy boards meant for speedy tours to rounder shapes that are ideal for activities like yoga and pilates, the company has a complete collection catering to different kinds of paddle boarders. A number of the SUP boards are even convertible to SUP kayaks within seconds!

Paddle to achieve your fitness goals. Visit Bluefin and browse their amazing online deals for up to $100 off your SUP kit!