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What Is Powdered Erythritol and Where Can I Buy It Online?

Erythritol is a naturally abundant sweetener gaining popularity in the food industry over the past few years because it serves as a low-calorie alternative to sugar.

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It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

You might never have heard of erythritol before, but there's a reason why it's become another trendy ingredient. Erythritol is a naturally abundant sweetener gaining popularity in the food industry over the past few years because it could serve as a low-calorie alternative to sugar.

Erythritol belongs to a class of compounds called sugar alcohols, many of which are used as sugar alternatives, including xylitol, sorbitol, and maltitol. What makes erythritol special is that its calorie content is drastically lower.

Let's compare:

  • Table sugar: 4 calories per gram
  • Xylitol: 2.4 calories per gram
  • Erythritol: 0.24 calories per gram

Erythritol has only 6% of the calories of sugar but still maintains 70% of the sweetness. This makes it a popular substitute for those trying to limit their sugar intake.

Where Does It Come From?

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Erythritol is a sugar alcohol naturally occurring in foods like pears, corn, watermelons, and grapes, as well as in certain fermented foods like soy sauce and wine. It's manufactured from the fermentation of plant sugars for commercial and home use, usually from corn. The sugar is mixed with water, filtered, and fermented. The final product is granules or powder that looks and tastes just like regular sugar.

The compound was first isolated in 1852 but wasn't introduced into the Japanese food market until 1990. It has become more popular in the food industry over the past few years for its ability to produce no-sugar-added, reduced-sugar, or sugar-free alternatives.

What Are the Benefits of Using It?

So far, researchers have found that erythritol could have a variety of potential benefits.

Humans don't have the enzymes necessary to break down and digest erythritol. Instead, studies indicate that approximately 90% of consumed erythritol could be absorbed into the blood and excreted through the urine. According to more research, when healthy people consume erythritol, there seemed to be no changes in the individual's blood sugar or insulin levels. Alternatively, the same dose of glucose seemed to cause a rapid increase in blood sugar and insulin levels within just 30 minutes. Additionally, erythritol did not seem to affect the individual's cholesterol, triglycerides, or other biomarkers.

Studies also indicate that erythritol could have antioxidant properties. A 2010 research on diabetic rates indicates that erythritol could act as an antioxidant, possibly reducing blood vessel damage caused by high blood sugar levels. This is important because hyperglycemia (high levels of blood sugar), oxidative stress, and the progression of diabetic complications are strongly linked. Therefore, erythritol's antioxidant properties could be important in the long-term treatment of diabetic patients.

Additionally, a month-long study of 24 adults with type 2 diabetes found that consuming 36 grams of erythritol daily seemed to improve blood vessel function, potentially reducing their risk of heart disease. Current reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 34.2 million Americans—just over one in ten—have diabetes. Meanwhile, an additional 88 million American adults—approximately one in three—have prediabetes.

For individuals with diabetes, prediabetes, or other metabolic issues, erythritol appears to be an excellent alternative to sugar. Keto diet participants are also jumping on the erythritol bandwagon as well because it could have negligible calories and no net carbs.

Where Can I Buy It?

So Nourished!
So Nourished

Now that you know about erythritol, you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on some. Thankfully, you don't have to spend endless hours hopping between health food stores to try to find it. You could order it online and get it quickly delivered to your house.

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Erythritol has become a popular sugar alternative for many keto, paleo, or overall health-conscious bakers because of its low calorie and carb properties. When using it in food products, So Nourished suggests using 1 1/3 cups for every cup of sugar due to its less sweet taste. Compared to artificial sweeteners, erythritol could taste more similar to sugar without the chemical aftertaste. So get ready to break out those chocolate chips and start baking healthier versions of your favorite desserts. Or just throw a teaspoon or two in your coffee in the morning for a guilt-free pick-me-up.

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This article was reviewed by Dr. Rosmy Barrios, the Head of Regenerative Aesthetics at IM Clinic in Belgrade, Serbia.

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