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Why Bidets are Better for Your Butt (And How to Use a Bidet Seat!)

Why Wipe When You Can Wash

Newsweek Amplify - Why Bidets are Better

With the importance of hand hygiene making a comeback recently due to COVID 19, we have a clear protocol on how to properly wash our hands. We should use running water and good soap, lather hands all over, scrub and wash for at least 20 seconds for clean hands.

However, there has never been much of a proper protocol when it comes to cleaning ourselves after going to the toilet. Most of us simply use a bunch of toilet paper down there, give it a few wipes, wash our hands, and happily go about our day. Have you ever stopped to wonder why it's enough to just wipe our bums, but it's not enough to just wipe our hands to clean them well? The truth is, it's not enough!

When you think about it, using toilet paper is mostly just smearing around what's left down there. It's no different than stepping on some dog poop and trying to get it off by wiping off with some tissue and not washing it off. It's simply not possible to fully clean the fecal traces by just using a toilet paper. Many people experience UTIs and infections due to poor cleaning with toilet paper. And if you brag to be a more aggressive wiper using an excess amount of toilet paper several times, it is highly likely that you have damaged and torn the soft skin down there. The good thing is, there is a better option—bidets!

A bidet is used to properly wash the genital and anal area of a person with a clean stream of water. In its early history, the bidet used to be a separate toilet like a bowl that you could sit on to wash after going to the toilet.

Nowadays, there are handy modern bidet attachments like Tushy Bidet, which can be fixed to your toilet in less than 10 minutes. It comes with a pressure and angle control knob and a self-cleaning nozzle that fits perfectly on round, oval, and elongated toilets. It also requires no electricity to operate.

Here Are 4 Quick Reasons Why Bidets Are Better for Your Butt, Your Body, and Your Environment.

Better Clean

A good power wash from your bidet does a much better job than a few wipes from a toilet paper. It removes any traces of fecal matter left after you finish your business!

Better Genital Health

We all know the golden rule of wiping from front to back to avoid UTIs, but it doesn't always work. A bidet helps clean the genital area safely, reducing the risk of infections.

Better for the Environment

A bidet uses 1/8 of a gallon of water, while it takes about 37 gallons of water to make one roll of toilet paper. If you switch to a bidet from using toilet paper, you will save close to 400 trees during your lifetime.

Better for Your Pocket

With a small one-time purchase, you get to cut down your toilet paper budget entirely when you use a bidet. (And you will be cleaner and healthier for it!)

How to Use a Bidet Seat

Step 1: Do your thing!

Let it be number one or number two, comfortably sit on your toilet seat with the bidet attachment, and finish your business.

Step 2: Start the wash

Use the knob of the Tushy bidet attachment to adjust the pressure from gentle steam to a power wash—depending on how you need it and like it.

Step 3: Make adjustments

Shift slightly and adjust your body as needed on the seat to get the best angle for the stream of water. With a Tushy Spa attachment, you can control the temperature of the water as well.

Step 4: Dry off

Use a small wipe or a towel to pat yourself dry. Or if you have time, you can simply let your clean bum air-dry!

So Don't Wait, and Give Your Butt the Clean It Deserves With Tushy—Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment!

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