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Why Probiotics Are Essential for Fat Loss and Well Being

Here's how treating yourself with that daily dose of yogurt helps you achieve your goal weight!


We all know how dieting can be a struggle to get started with, so most of us tend to start small. More often than not, these small steps, once we see their effect, motivates us to strive harder for faster results. The small wins make us want more, but even with perseverance, sometimes it's finding where or how to begin that poses a challenge in itself. With the abundance of options available within a single web search, getting fast answers becomes tempting, but is it worth the risk?

The Dilemma of Drastic Dieting


If there was a chance of you fitting into that sexy pair of jeans within days, wouldn't you want to take it? The problem with crash dieting though is its cons outweigh its pros.

While some fad diets indeed deliver results, the issue lies with how your body reacts to them. A program may work for one but may cause serious complications for another. It's like jumping headfirst into the ocean - you realize the risk but hop in anyway, hoping it works. Finding the right fit entails understanding your body. Determining the foods and processes that help speed up your digestive system enables you to safely shed those extra pounds.

What Are Probiotics

In some Asian countries, kids were made to drink sweetened fermented milk that supposedly helps keep their stomachs healthy. It contains a strain of live microorganisms that take out harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune system. These microorganisms are called probiotics, which aid your digestion for a more efficient breakdown of food intake.

Let's admit it, the idea of having live bacteria in our bodies isn't exactly appealing. Studies show, though, that getting enough probiotics in your system actually helps you achieve that dream bod. These "good bacteria" extract nutrients like Vitamins B and K, and break down fiber into more digestible fatty acids. They also reduce the chances of storing fat, keeping you away from obesity.

Have the Pros Without the Cons


Unlike drastic dieting, probiotics give you a more undisruptive way of losing excess weight. Studies show that a good balance of bacteroidetes and firmicutes allows optimal digestion, ensuring that proper breakdown and extraction of nutrients keeps us in shape. Probiotics help release appetite-reducing and fat-regulating hormones. They also strengthen your gut lining to reduce inflammation, helping you to avoid certain illnesses!

While it seems logical that cutting down on your food intake results in losing weight, the possibility of a reverse effect is higher. Suddenly shunning carbs or protein could disrupt your body's ability to produce Leptin, which is basically its signaling system when it is already full. Eating unbalanced meals runs the risk of the said hormone making you feel like you're still hungry, making you eat more than necessary. The imbalance also affects your thyroid system's ability to aid in metabolism, keeping your undigested food longer instead of processing it.

How To Keep Yourself (and Your Tummy), Happy

Now that we've settled how having a healthy gut helps you lose weight, we've finally come to the fun part - the food. Depriving ourselves of our favorites is a struggle, and could sometimes lead to more significant effects like moodiness or lack of motivation. Fear not, for we give you a list of Probiotic-enriched foods that will let you satiate the cravings without the guilt!

1. Yogurt


The frozen treat is enriched with good bacteria that helps improve gut health. Since it's made out of fermented milk, it also strengthens your bones and is suitable for some people with lactose intolerance. Yogurt also helps alleviate diarrhea caused by antibiotics, making it a good motivation, especially for kids.

2. Kimchi


You no longer have to let go of your favorite side dish, as it strengthens your digestive system along with its high nutritional value. Whether it be made from cabbage or any other vegetable, the fermentation, along with the spices used for that extra kick will keep your hunger hormones intact. Its seasoning also enables faster metabolism, letting the excess food slip right out of your system!

3. Miso


The mix of salt and the koji fungus on this fermented soybean paste ensures your favorite bowl of soup stays in your diet. Aside from the benefits your stomach gets, it is also a good source of protein, fiber, and certain minerals, letting you get more nutrients in one bowl. Studies also show that regular intake of miso reduces the risk of certain illnesses like breast cancer and stroke, so it's best to keep your belly warm with it regularly.

4. Buttermilk


Yes, you heard it right, but don't get your hopes up too high just yet! Only the traditionally-made variant, wherein the leftover liquid from making butter is the only one that contains the helpful bacteria, is considered good probiotic food. It's best to check the label before taking it out of the store, for more often than not, cultured buttermilk doesn't contain any probiotic benefits. Naturally-made buttermilk is significantly low in calories but high in vitamins like calcium and phosphorus.

5. Soft Cheeses


You can still enjoy wine night without the guilt of munching on your favorite snack! While not all types of cheese are able to retain the probiotics throughout the digestive process, some like Gouda, Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Cottage Cheese are able to make it. This dairy snack is also packed with protein and calcium, targeting more bodily functions in every bite.

If none of these sound appealing to you (which would beg the question of why?), there are supplements that let you get your daily dose without snacking. BELDT Labs' BEDROCK Series Probiotics makes keeping your gut in top shape easy, with every capsule packed with nutrients that actually work. Balancing the hormones on your stomach can now be effortless, and you will see the results without the downsides in no time!

Get BELDT Labs BEDROCK Series Probiotics now and have your tummy thank you while you finally tip the scale in your favor!

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