The new year is always a perfect time to kick off some healthy habits. So if you're up for the challenge, here are the ten best blenders for smoothies under $100 that will help you start 2021 with a bang and a slurp.
Here are some unique gift ideas that will let your loved ones know you care for them without breaking the bank.
For something truly personal and unique, you can get a customizable tumbler from Tervis. A feature on their website allows you to choose the bottle, create your own design, have it engraved, or even insert a photo, note, or small memorabilia inside the tumbler.
Nothing expresses your love more than a carefully selected Valentine's bouquet. This February, you can find the perfect arrangement that captures exactly what you want to say with this ultimate gift guide from UrbanStems
Online hackers may be able to access your personal files. Find out how you can stop them from doing so here.
There are many anti-aging skincare brands and products available in the market, but if you're dabbling with these for the first time, starting with a set that's tried and tested to work is a good way to go.
The use of CBD in wellness products has seen a rise in popularity over the past couple of years, but a lot of confusion still surrounds the term. You've probably heard about the term CBD. But do you know what it actually means and what it is for?
Sleep plays a huge role in a person's overall wellness. But according to the CDC, one-third of adults in the U.S. get less sleep than they should. Figure out why and find ways to overcome it so you can improve your overall health and prevent the risk of health problems.
It's normal for everyone to experience hair fall. But due to many different factors, some people tend to lose more. If you've been noticing that you are losing hair much more than usual or are finding thin or balding spots on your scalp, you may be suffering from hair loss.
Production PPE has been supplying PPE for major Hollywood productions since they launched in June 2020. You can keep your family and team safe at home and at work with their PPE supply
Find out everything that your dog needs you to know - from health, breed, physical traits, and more!
Get buzzed without the hangover (a.k.a. the dream)
Make sure your pet is covered in case of any unforeseen events!
How you wake up in the morning determines your mood for the rest of your day, and waking up to back pain isn't exactly a great start. If you're experiencing this over and over again, you might want to look into what's causing your discomfort.
Keep your dog strong and happy, even in the later years of their life!
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City Beauty's products are formulated to target specific beauty concerns, and can help improve the appearance of wrinkles and crepey skin under the eyes.
Shopping for a new bed online is more convenient than ever. To help narrow down your search, we outline some of the best online mattresses of 2021.
If that seven-layer dip left you feeling seven types of gross this morning, you might want to curl up like one of those pigs in a blanket you ate. But no matter how off track you got, don't quit your weight loss goals! WW, also known as Weight Watchers, can help you (re)commit
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Are you at a loss on what to get for the one you love? Flowers and chocolates are clichés at best. After such a crazy couple of months, you have to upgrade your gifts above basic. Let Hugo Boss help!
You don't have to go to a specialty store to find a new mattress; you don't even have to go to a store at all. Start your shopping with the mattress People Magazine called "One of the Best Mattresses to Buy Online," the Layla Memory Foam Mattress.
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Never again worry about getting an emergency veterinarian. Use this online, on-demand virtual pet care service, instead!
Forget going through years of pain and shame with braces! Try this solution instead!
Arrow Cabinets announced Sew For A Cause, a promotion to benefit World Central Kitchen - Chefs For America and their food focused relief efforts. All you need to do is buy a Gidget I or Gidget II sewing table and Arrow donates $20 to World Central Kitchen to help their COVID-19 relief efforts.
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