Fitness enthusiasts argue that wearing a face mask during exercise constricts breathing and can be more harmful than beneficial. But is it true? Turns out, it isn't. Countless studies have debunked the belief that face masks hinder physical performance.
Whether it be getting medical-grade face masks or doubling up on masks, this article discusses the best way to cover up to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol has been proven to be harmful to one's body. However, there are actually health benefits to be gained from drinking a moderate amount of alcohol on a regular basis
Learn about N95 and KN95 masks, who regulates them, key differences, counterfeit alerts, reusability, and where to find authentic masks online.
Severe diseases like diabetes, stroke, and COVID-19 can be prevented through lifestyle changes like eating healthily, exercising regularly, and wearing face masks diligently
It is but time to take mask-wearing more seriously — at least for the next 100 days
The new POTUS' inauguration wasn't the only amazing thing to happen to the Capitol, there was also Bernie Sanders' viral photo during the ceremony. Here's how you can get the look (or just simply get the cozy jacket), along with a way to participate in Biden's new challenge.
Eighteen members of a family from Pennsylvania tested positive for COVID-19 after having a holiday gathering last December, according to a news report from WPVI-TV.
To stay as safe as possible, it would be vital to ensure that your face masks of choice are FDA-approved. Here's why you can buy FDA-approved face masks online.
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IF can help give you a better outlook on your overall health.
Tailored Pet Nutrition is a canine wellness company that creates personalized nutritional recipes to suit your dog's unique dietary needs. is a convenient shuttle booking service which brings hundreds of transportation providers together to give you an easier time planning for trips to the airport and back.
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The skincare industry has caught onto the new trend of adding CBD into beauty products because of its health benefits - and with good reason. If you are looking to try out CBD beauty products here are ten must-try CBD beauty products that you need to add to your regimen!
Your poison of choice often speaks louder in more ways than one. Instead of drinking your chosen booze just to get yourself buzzing, you could get a deeper appreciation from knowing the history of your chosen liquor and what it might say about you.
A healthy alternative to regular cow's milk, nut-based milk is the perfect choice if you are lactose intolerant, managing severe allergies, or trying to cut back on animal products.
Being on a meal plan delivery service takes all the guesswork out of cooking healthy meals, so you can just focus on the best parts — enjoying the food and reaping the benefits of a nutritious meal.
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Biden hopes that his first order of business can urge state politicians to set stricter guidelines to wear masks whenever residents leave their homes
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There's always hope for hair loss without needing to go under the knife.
Nirvana CBD offers a broad range of CBD topicals for your daily workout regimen needs, including their CBD Muscle Recovery Lotion and a limited New Year, New Wellness Bundle.
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