Doctors Suspended After Images Show Patient Being Propped Up by His Own Severed Leg

Four members of staff at an Indian hospital were suspended after images emerged showing a patient being propped up by his own amputated leg.

A 28-year-old identified as Ghanshyam arrived at the hospital after being involved in a school bus crash that left 12 children injured, the Hindustan Times reported. The accident was so severe that Ghanshyam lost his leg, with local reports differing as to whether doctors amputated the leg or it was lost earlier and brought to the hospital by family.

Medical staff at Maharani Laxmibai Medical College, in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, were allegedly short on pillows and ended up using Ghanshyam's severed leg as a cushion for his head.

India Today reported that two doctors and two nurses were suspended over the incident. Officials at the hospital said a committee had been set up to investigate who might have placed the leg under the patient's head.

Dr. Sadhna Kaushik, principal of the medical college, told the Hindustan Times that she had spoken to numerous people on the ward, and no one admitted to seeing anything. The committee was expected to review CCTV footage to discover who was truly at fault.

Ghanshyam's family said that they had brought a pillow with them to the hospital but that a doctor had used it to prop up Ghanshyam's leg, then took the amputated leg and used it as a pillow for his head.

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Public hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest regions of India, face numerous problems due to severe underfunding. AFP reported that another hospital in the area faced oxygen shortages last year that led to the deaths of a number of children.

Similarly in Uttar Pradesh, a man posing as a doctor, though not licensed as such, was arrested after he allegedly reused needles while treating poor villagers, infecting a number of people with HIV.