Bomb Scare Closes Amsterdam Schiphol Airport For Four Hours

Amsterdam Schipol airport
Aircraft on the tarmac at Schiphol airport near Amsterdam, April 15, 2015. Part of the airport was blocked off by police on Tuesday after a bomb threat. Yves Herman/Reuters

Dozens of armed police cordoned off part of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on Tuesday night after a bomb scare, leading to a search and the arrest of a "suspicious" man, Euronews reported.

Part of the airport was evacuated while the search for an explosive device was underway, following a phone call to police detailing an alleged threat. The search lasted four hours and officials did not find explosives on Schipol's premises.

The alert was lifted in the early hours of Wednesday morning and airport officials tried to allay any anxiety among passengers, reporting no disruptions to flights.

All areas are accessible again. Tomorrow, flights will run as usual. Thank you all for your patience and understanding tonight.

— Schiphol (@Schiphol) April 12, 2016

The man arrested remains in custody and Dutch police are establishing why he was at the airport. The identity of the man has not been made public and it is not clear why he was considered suspicious in the first place.

The alert came at a time of increasing security measures at Europe's airports, particularly after the attacks on Brussels' airport in March, which killed 16 people.