Amy Poehler: A Very Busy Mama

Does Amy Poehler sleep? She costars in the movie "Baby Mama," is the co creator of the new animated Nickelodeon show "The Mighty B!" and of course spends her weekends at "Saturday Night Live." She spoke to Nicki Gostin:

What's your cartoon about?
It's about a Girl Scout who wants to be a superhero. It's airing the day after the "Baby Mama" premiere, so I'm going to get up early the next morning and eat cereal in my pajamas while watching my cartoon.

Is the show autobiographical?
No. Well, she's kinda bossy and a motormouth, so it's somewhat autobiographical.

What cereal are you going to have?
Right now I'm down with Honey Nut Cheerios because that's what Omar eats on "The Wire."

Do you base all your food choices on television shows?
I don't know if you're a "Wire" fan, but on the show Omar travels far and wide and risks getting killed just to get a box of Honey Nuts. So I like to think it keeps me connected to the streets.

Isn't it weird how your Hillary Clinton character on "SNL" affected the primaries?
We didn't. We have been hitting Hillary for the past three years and suddenly we do one sketch about the media's unfair treatment and suddenly we're pro-Hillary. I think the media reported on it so much because it was about the media, and just like everyone else, they love impressions of themselves and being talked about.

How much do you want her to win?
I would like Dennis Kucinich to make a comeback because I enjoy wearing those little ears and putting on a tiny suit.

Don't get offended, but I have a huge crush on your husband, Will Arnett.
That's OK. He's a nice piece of meat, isn't he?

I can see you guys doing a Steve-and- Eydie act in Vegas.
No way. Nothing is more boring than real-life couples. It's deadly.

At home, do you try and outfunny each other?
No, we actually watch sad shows like "Frontline" and "Intervention." I'm at a point now where if it's funny I'm just jealous. Why torture myself?

That's a healthy way of looking at things.
Is that bad?