Analogy Check

This Stage Isn't Big Enough for Two Seabiscuits
History repeats itself, but not without a few wrinkles. We make the comparisons—and then we pick them apart.

The Comparison
Bathed in Iowa's afterglow, Republican Mike Huckabee and Democrat John Edwards both seized on the same hackneyed metaphor for their candidacy: each man says he's Seabiscuit, the underdog racehorse that up set Triple Crown winner War Admiral in 1938.

Why It Works
It better suits Huckabee, who came from nowhere to win, while Edwards is still stuck in the "behind" portion of his "come-from- behind" story. But like Seabiscuit, both men are populist competitors. Also, the 1938 horse race occurred in ... November. Hmm.

Why It Doesn't
Seabiscuit was on the track with only one other Thoroughbred; both Huckabee and Ed wards are in crowded fields, with no incum bent—no War Admiral. But where it really breaks down is on the simplest level: Seabiscuit was a horse.

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