Donald Trump

Trump Won’t Scrap the Iran Nuclear Deal

Insiders say the United States will remain in the Iran nuclear accord, but will soon announce that Tehran is not abiding by the terms of the deal—and try to re-negotiate it.
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The Right's Dangerous Denialism

For conservative media outlets, the ease with which assault weapons can be obtained in many states was not an appropriate topic of discussion after the Las Vegas massacre.

NFL Vs. Trump: Who Is Winning?

“One never engages in a war of words with a psychopath,” one crisis expert says of the NFL's response to President Trump.
Trump North Korea

Madman on the Potomac

Trump’s threat to nuke North Korea has experts poring over the fine print on presidential authority.
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Jimmy Kimmel for President

Republicans and Democrats alike can learn from the late-night host's campaign against Graham-Cassidy.
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Jimmy Kimmel's Righteous Fury

The TV host continued his criticism of the latest effort by congressional Republicans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
Sean Spicer on Jimmy Kimmel

Sean Spicer's Sham Apologies

As the former White House press secretary takes off on his image rehabilitation tour, it seems that his remorse, which should be galactic in size, is limited to his statement about Trump’s “historic” inauguration.
Yellow Star of David

Texas Jews Are Hiding From Neo-Nazis

Public display of swastikas and anti-Semitic chants are protected by the First Amendment, and in some states it is lawful to bring firearms to celebrations of Nazi nostalgia. All of this is lawful, but there are consequences.