Who Is Andrea Kelly? R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Will Keep Speaking Out About Alleged 'Abuse' Following Lifetime's Documentary

R. Kelly's ex-wife encouraged women to speak out on the alleged sexual, mental and physical abuse she endured after sharing her own experiences on the Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. Andrea Kelly, who was married to the R&B singer for 13 years before they divorced in 2009, took to Instagram to share a message of support to those who may have suffered abuse.

"If you're a victim of abuse, you feel ashamed. You've been humiliated and your self-esteem and confidence have been undermined. You hide the abuse from people close to you, often to protect the reputation of the abuser and because of your own shame. An abuser uses tactics to isolate you from friends and loved ones by criticizing them and making remarks designed to force you [to] take sides. You're either for them or against them. If the abuser feels slighted, then you have to take his or her side, or you're befriending the enemy. This is designed to increase control," the message read.

Andrea Kelly wrote of her own tribulations endured during her marriage to R. Kelly, which she also spoke on in the six-part docuseries that aired on Lifetime Thursday through Saturday. Despite spending years in silence out of fear of the father of her three children, Andrea Kelly said she was "no longer afraid" and would use her platform and experiences to help others who may be facing similar alleged abuse.

"Thank God for his grace, guidance, love AND deliverance. I celebrate the women I am TODAY! Though some want 'expose' the pain filled, scared, abused women I was.....STOP! I AM No longer afraid. No longer willing to silence my PAIN AND SUGARCOAT THE ABUSE I ENDURED because of how my abuser and his LEGAL TEAM were THREATENING to come against me if I 'didn't choose wisely.' NO MORE! Don't speak about MY GROWTH OR JOURNEY especially if you have NEVER BEEN ABUSED," Andrea Kelly wrote.

She continued: "And for the ones that have endured my pain and have been in the place I WAS IN YEARS AGO....as in IN MY PAST YOU'RE NOT ALONG [sic]. From covering bruises and saying you "bumped into the counter" to telling his co-workers he a wonderful provider and a "good man" to avoid a beating for saying the opposite....I was you! I want you to know you don't have to cover for your abuser ANY MORE!!! It took a lot of therapy and even more tears to know what I know TODAY!!!! Oh did I say TODAY!!!! PS....WHAT I DID or SAID SHOULD NEVER BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHY I DID IT OR SAID IT. Do your research on #domesticviolence and the #cycles #signs and #effects before you deem yourself JUDGE AND JURY!!! OH I HAVE SOOOO MUCH MORE TO SAY AND I WILL VERY SOON!!!! #survivor IAMDREAKELLY."

Andrea Kelly was one of several women to come forward with claims of alleged abuse suffered by R. Kelly, whose birth name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, in the Lifetime docuseries. The show included 50 interviews of men and women associated with the singer, some of whom endured or witnessed R. Kelly's alleged abuse of women and young girls.