New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes Cringe-Worthy Joke About Jews at Harlem Church

While speaking at a church in Harlem over the weekend, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a cringe-worthy attempt at humor when he joked that Jewish people can't dance.

"I'm a Catholic," Cuomo told parishioners at Harlem's Mount Neboh Baptist Church. "Catholics basically believe the same thing that Baptists believe. We just do it without the rhythm. But we try. We try. We are not as without rhythm as some of our Jewish brothers and sisters."

He then singled out former campaign consultant Hank Sheinkopf.

"I was just watching Mr. Sheinkopf here in the front row, moving to the music," Cuomo said. It was ugly. It was ugly. I'll tell you the truth."

The remark, which elicited a small chuckle from the congregation, was captured on video and first reported by New York Post.

While speaking, Cuomo also played up his progressive bonafides and talked about the widening gap between the city's rich and poor. In recent weeks, the governor -- who has been sparring with with New York City's mayor -- has visited several housing projects.

"There are two societies, there are two Americas. One is for the rich and the white, and one is for the poor and the minorities," he said, referencing the Tale of Two Cities speech his father, Mario Cuomo, gave at the 1984 Democratic National Convention. "If we don't acknowledge that duality, that reality, then we are kidding ourselves. This nation has moved forward with one society at the expense and the cost of another society."

Cuomo, who is running for re-election, is facing competition from actress and activist Cynthia Nixon, who announced her bid last week. The former Sex and the City star has been a progressive advocate and a supporter of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Along with her wife, who is a former city official, Nixon has also been a staunch supporter of New York public schools.

When asked about her candidacy, Cuomo deflected. "Everybody can say what they want. We're going to have a political season, and people choose their own style in life, and I have no comment on it."