Andrew Yang Explains Why He's The Only Democratic Candidate Donald Trump Hasn't 'Tweeted a Word About'

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Monday he believes Donald Trump has not tweeted much about him because the president knows that Yang is "better at the internet."

Yang made the remarks in a Monday morning interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe. One of the show's hosts, Willie Geist, asked Yang to explain why he decided to ask attendees of an Iowa campaign event on Saturday to "give a round to applause" for those in the audience who voted for Trump in 2016.

The Democratic candidate replied that Iowa, as a "purple swing state" that Trump won in 2016, was bound to be full of people who had voted for Trump or had friends and neighbors who did. He stressed that is important to win the support of some of those voters in 2020.

"So the folks that voted for Trump and come to my events [who] are now excited about my campaign, that's how we're going to win," Yang said. "And head-to-head matchups between me and Trump show that I'm the heaviest favorite to beat him one-on-one, in large part because 18 percent of College Republicans say they'd support me over the president. Ten percent of Trump voters in New Hampshire, in one poll, said they'd support me over the president.

"You know who's figured this out?" Yang asked rhetorically. "President Trump. Because I'm the only candidate he has not tweeted a word about. He knows I'm better at the internet than he is."

Yang, an Ivy League–educated entrepreneur and lawyer, launched his presidential campaign in November 2017. Yang has stayed in the race even as Democratic candidates with experience in government, like Senator Kamala Harris and Julián Castro, a former housing secretary, suspended their campaigns.

Andrew Yang Campaigns in Iowa
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks during a campaign event at the Cedar Falls Woman's Club on January 30 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Joe Raedle/Getty

A Twitter search appeared to confirm Yang's claim that the president—known for his tweeting about, among other things, his political rivals—has not mentioned him on the platform. Trump has never used the term "Andrew Yang" in any of his tweets from his account, @realDonaldTrump. The only time Trump has used the word Yang in a tweet was in 2015—and that was to quote an account named @yang_karl, which has since been suspended.

Trump has responded to a tweet that mentioned Yang. In September 2019, Kassy Dillon wrote on Twitter, "Here's the thing: I'm voting for Trump but I wouldn't be friends with Trump. I'm not voting for Yang but I'd definitely be his friend."

The next day, the president retweeted Dillon's remark with a response: "I'm OK with that!"

I’m OK with that!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 14, 2019