#StillVotingYang Trends on Twitter As Andrew Yang Supporters Refuse to Back Democrat Rivals

People have expressed their support online for Andrew Yang in the 2020 Democratic candidate race, despite him pulling out of the election several days ago.

The #StillVotingYang hashtag trended on Twitter as thousands tweeted that they still consider the entrepreneur their top choice.

Many tweeted using the hashtag to say they still believe his policies are what the U.S. needs now, while others remained unconvinced by the platforms offered by the remaining Democrats.

Yang, whose campaign promised that every eligible American would receive $1,000 a month as part of a Universal Basic Income, officially withdrew from the race just as the New Hampshire primaries were announced.

Yang finished in eighth position in New Hampshire, receiving just 2.8 percent of the vote, having finished sixth in Iowa with 1 percent.

"His democracy dollars policy is the only policy that brings the power of money in politics back to the people," tweeted Leony Marks.

"#AmericaneedsYang because all the other candidates would just continue and play along with the old system of oppression."

"Don't tell me I'm wasting my vote by #StillVotingYang," added Jameson Helfrich.

"No vote that is cast thoughtfully is wasted, and your candidate is not entitled to my vote. @AndrewYang earned my vote, your candidate will have to do the same if you want me to change my mind."

Eric Quach tweeted: "TO BE CLEAR: #StillVotingYang ISN'T about voting @AndrewYang in the GENERAL election. IT'S about voting @AndrewYang in the Democratic PRIMARY election.

"If you want our vote, then you need to earn it & those who are attacking #YangGang, you definitely don't deserve it."

However, others also used the hashtag to describe their dismay that Yang supporters aren't now backing one of the other candidates still in the race in order to achieve the overall goal of removing President Donald Trump from the White House.

"If you're #StillVotingYang, you clearly don't give af about removing the single biggest threat to democracy this country has ever seen. Do us all a favor and open your eyes before you find yourself complicit in Trump's reelection," writer Jack Wallen tweeted.

"This #stillvotingyang has really cemented that we are too stupid a people to deserve anything but Donald Trump as our president for the rest of his life or until the country literally explodes, whichever comes first," added author Ivan Brandon.

Yang officially announced he has dropped out of the race on February 11.

"This is not an easy decision or something I made lightly with the team," Yang told his supporters in New Hampshire. "Endings are hard and I've always had the intention to stay in this race until the very end. But I have been persuaded that the message of my campaign will not be strengthened by staying in this race any longer."

Yang did not publicly endorse any of the remaining candidates but said he will back the overall winner in order to "solve the problems that got Donald Trump elected" in the U.S.

Yang's office has been contacted for comment.

Andrew Yang
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang greets supporters in who are holding signs in front of a polling station on February 11, 2020 in Keene, New Hampshire. Justin Sullivan/Getty
#StillVotingYang Trends on Twitter As Andrew Yang Supporters Refuse to Back Democrat Rivals | News