Stubborn Koala Refuses To Be Rescued From Highway in Hilarious Viral Video

A particularly stubborn koala put up a mighty fight when a farmer tried to rescue the animal from the middle of a road in regional Australia.

The hilarious encounter has garnered more than 10 million views since the video was first uploaded to TikTok on Sunday.

"Dad watched as cars over the [crest] of the hill nearly miss this koala on the middle of the road," Loz Wright wrote alongside a video posted to the platform on Sunday. "He decided to rescue him and put him safe in a tree."

In the footage, a man can be seen attempting to pick up the furry marsupial from the side of the road while donning a pair of thick industrial-strength gloves.


Dad watched as cars over the kress of the hill nearly miss this koala on the middle of the road. He decided to rescue him and put him safe in a tree

♬ original sound - Lozz Wright

However, the unimpressed koala fights back and lunges at the man with its large, sharp claws while grunting loudly.

The man continues to wrestle with the koala on the road as the animal flails its arms and legs in another attempt to scratch its rescuer.

"I'll sacrifice my hands, I'm not seeing him hit by a car," a caption over the clip reads in an apparent reference to the struggle.

Eventually, the man manages to carry the koala to the other side of the road before placing it on the trunk of a nearby tree away from any potential harm.

"Cute little fella... You're an angry little fella," the man says as the Australian native growls back at him.

Captivated viewers were quick to ask what happened to the koala, prompting Wright to post a second video the following day showing the marsupial happily bounding up a nearby tree.

"He climbed the tree and resumed living his best life," Wright wrote alongside the clip.


Reply to @heatherhappiness he climbed the tree and resumed living his best life

♬ original sound - Lozz Wright

However, most appeared to be utterly bewildered by the animal's loud grunts, with many claiming they were shocked that such a seemingly docile animal could exhibit such aggressive behavior.

"Am I the only one who didn't know koalas made that sound?" one woman asked. "That is NOT what I expected a koala to sound like. Shocking," another agreed.

"I had no idea koalas would bite or fight, I thought they only hugged and slept," one confused viewer added.

Wright replied to some viewers, saying her father loves animals and often rescues local wildlife.

Populations of the indigenous marsupial have declined throughout Australia over the last few decades, due in part to climate change and pressure from dwindling habitats caused by agricultural and forestry development.

In January of 2020 hundreds of wildfires scalded the koalas' habitat and burned millions of acres of eucalyptus trees crucial to the animals survival. Slow-moving koalas became familiar victims of the fires as they were unable to escape the flames' ferocity.

A young male koala seen with a eucalyptus plant in Port Macquarie, Australia. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images