'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Bells Guide - 6 Cheat-Free Tips to Get Money Fast

Animal Crossing: New Horizons starts players out by focusing on Nook Miles, but, as the game progresses, Bells start to become as important as ever. If you want to buy your first house or get some cool furniture and clothes, Bells are the fastest way to get it done. With that in mind, here are six tips for collecting Bells fast no matter what day you're on.

1) The Money Rock: The Money Rock is perhaps the most highly publicized Bell-grabbing tip players have found yet. Each day, there's one rock on your island that, when struck with a Shovel or Axe, yields thousands of Bells. While it may be frustrating to locate the random Money Rock each day, it's incredibly lucrative. It pays to take note of the coordinates of every rock in your area. If you know those spots by heart you can return to them quickly.

animal crossing new horizons money rock
'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' has a Money Rock you can harvest daily. Time to get some easy Bells. 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' is available on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo

Once you've found a rock to mine, there's a secret to making the most of the results. As seen in this picture, players should dig two holes to the left and right of your Villager to essentially block yourself in. This reduces the knockback effect from mining and allows you to get more hits at the Money Rock than you otherwise could. The process of finding the rock itself takes time, but it offers a huge purse of Bells.

2) Fruit Exports: Each island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a native fruit produced on its trees. At your home, for example, you may see lots of peaches or apples. Those fruits you see everywhere can actually be worth a nice chunk of change when sold elsewhere. To get started, clear your inventory and fill it with your native fruit.

On the second day, you'll gain access to the airport. So, all you have to do is take your fruit-filled inventory and sell it at a friend's island who has a different native fruit than yourself. Because it's rarer on that island, you'll get more Bells for the transaction. Then, fill up your inventory with your friend's native fruit and sell it back home. If you play your cards right you can earn up to 40,000 Bells per trip.

3) The Magic Leaf Umbrella: One of the first crafting recipes you'll ever unlock is the Leaf Umbrella. For just 15 weeds, you can make yourself a cool little item. Sell the umbrella at the town center, and you'll get more Bells for the transaction than if you sold the clumps of weeds individually. By simply going through the extra step of crafting, you have the chance to make free money. With an inventory full of weeds, this process legitimately doubles your Bell yield with only a few minutes of extra work.

animal crossing new horizons leaf umbrella
The Leaf Umbrella lets you craft your way to easy Bells. Nintendo

4) Money Trees: In addition to Money Rocks, New Horizons also has Money Trees. At random, you may see glowing turf on your island. Dig up these spots with a shovel, and you'll see a purse of Bells. What you want to do, though, is pick those Bells up, go to your inventory and select the option to "bury in hole."

animal crossing new horizons money tree
Plant some Bells in the ground and watch them become a Money Tree. Nintendo

Come back the next day or so, and you'll see a Money Tree where the hole used to be. Shake the tree for a quick 3,000 Bells. These can't be harvested all the time, but, if you have multiple Money Trees on your island, they can become pretty lucrative.

5) Sell Creatures to the Right Folks: While there are a couple different ways to accrue Bells off your fish and bugs, certain island residents will pay more for something they really want. So, if you're sent on a quest to find a specific creature, always sell it to that character. Knowing who these characters are requires talking to your neighbors and learning what they like. Once you know that, there's a chance to earn plenty of extra Bells.

6) Redeem Your Nook Miles: By selling fruit, mining rocks, crafting umbrellas and talking to your neighbors, you'll also be earning Nook Miles on top of the standard Bell yield you're already getting. Be sure to check the Nook Miles app as you follow these tips to reap the rewards. There's a few extra thousand Bells in it for you every single day simply by following the above routine. Challenges like "Bell Ringer," "Pick of the Bunch" and "Rock-Splitting Champ" become very worthwhile here. For more on how Nook Miles work, check out our Nook Miles guide.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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