Animal Sex and Isabella Rossellini

Do you have any pets?
I have chickens and oysters, and I raise dogs for the blind. I have a 9-week-old baby Labrador. She has a little uniform, and I have a permit where I can take her everywhere. I have to mimic for her the life she'll have with the blind. (Article continued below...)

How did you get the idea to make these movies?
I did a surrealistic film about my father, Roberto Rossellini, where I play all sorts of directors—Fellini, Hitchcock—all discussing with my dad what is the essence of cinema. The Sundance Channel saw the film at a festival and bought it, and Robert Redford was trying to develop films for the Internet, and he thought short film would be the best format. He said if the films are about the environment, he'd appreciate it. I'd always been interested in animals and animal behavior, but people are interested in sex. So I'd better talk about animal sex, and I'll find my audience.

What's the most surprising thing that you learned?
The fact that a shrimp changes sex is extraordinary. They are born male, but they grow up to be females. I think if you know that, you'll eat shrimp with that thought in mind.

Do any animals have orgies?
Yes. Most fish have orgies. It's called spawning. A lot of people ask me what animal I am, sexually.

Do you answer them?
No. I don't. Because I don't know what to answer. It just seems so farfetched: "I have a problem sexually; let me see what earthworms do!"

What do your kids think of your series?
They love it, especially my 16-year-old. He finds it particularly funny with his friends.