Second Five-Legged Lamb Born on Rural Farm Branded 'Unusual Occurrence'

A farm in England has welcomed a five-legged lamb, its second one born with an extra limb, and both arrived on very special dates.

The lamb was born a triplet on February 2 (2/22/22), a day celebrated across the world for its uniqueness. Just like her birth date itself, this lamb was also out of the ordinary.

Sharing the news to Facebook, farmer Heather Hogarty revealed the unexpected limb count. "So far you're thinking, not that unusual," she explained, showing the lamb. "But when I show you, this little lamb had been born with five legs."

The lamb has four regularly-placed legs, with an extra on the left side. "It's quite an unusual occurrence, but not as unusual as you think because you do get as many animals as people born with additional needs, it's just you might not always see them," said Hogarty.

She added that it wasn't the lamb's only unusual feature. "It has three little toes like that when normally there'd only be two," she pointed out.

Something a little unusual happened at Whitehouse Farm yesterday on the 22.2.22 🤭

Having such an unusual animal on a date like 2/22/22 might be rare in itself, but it's actually the second time the farm has welcomed a five-legged lamb. Nine years ago, Quinto was born on April Fool's day at Whitehouse Farm.

"When the new lamb was born I was thinking it was Quinto reincarnated. She was born on April Fools Day and people thought we had stitched it on as a joke," Hogarty told Chronicle Live.

"We had one nine years ago but that leg was right in the center of her stomach while this one comes out the shoulder and doesn't reach the ground."

Quinto's extra leg was later removed—something they're unsure will happen in this case.

"Some point when she's a little bit older, we'll just have to see if it's going to cause her any discomfort and we'd just going to have to go on the advice of the vet but I don't know if this extra leg might have to come off or not," Hogarty explained in the Facebook video.

In 2021, a Perth vet estimated to Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the odds of a lamb being born with an extra limb was 1 in 200,000—making it all the more rare for a farm to have two.

"It is unusual, but animals having something a bit different does happen - we get many animals born with disabilities, but you don't see them as often as sadly they get put down," Hogarty confirmed to Chronicle Live.

"They are the only two odd things we've had here, and we've been open to the public for 25 years now."