Ann Coulter Says Donald Trump Has a 'Suck-Up Personality' and He Should Ignore Her Like He Does the 'Rest of His Base'

Conservative political pundit Ann Coulter said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump, to whom she had previously been loyal, has a "suck-up personality" and that he should ignore her as he "doesn't mind ignoring the rest of his base."

Coulter rebuked Trump at a luncheon at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida, three days after Trump referred to her as a "wacky nut job."

"Wacky Nut Job @AnnCoulter, who still hasn't figured out that, despite all odds and an entire Democrat Party of Far Left Radicals against me (not to mention certain Republicans who are sadly unwilling to fight), I am winning on the Border," Trump tweeted on Saturday.

Coulter said of Trump, "I don't like the guy. He's got a lot of problems," according to The Palm Beach Post.

"But his personality is almost the opposite of 'authoritarian,'" Coulter said. "He's got a suck-up personality."

.@AnnCoulter tells @ForumClubPB the media gets it wrong about @realDonaldTrump: "I don't like the guy. He's got a lot of problems. But his personality is almost the opposite of 'authoritarian.' He's got a suck-up personality."

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) March 11, 2019

Coulter seemingly brushed off Trump's criticism of her on Twitter.

"I don't know why he doesn't just ignore me," she said. "He doesn't mind ignoring the rest of his base."

Coulter also admitted that "it's frustrating" and become increasingly hard for her to find people she can speak with since she turned on Trump.

"I can't talk to Trump detractors because, as the subtitle to my last book indicated, they're insane. I can't talk to the Trump flatterers because they think as soon as it comes out of his mouth, it has happened," she said.

Coulter added that Trump is an "excellent talker" and "it's just when it comes to doing anything that he falls down on the job."

Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter signs books during the 41st annual Conservative Political Action Conference at the Gaylord International Hotel and Conference Center on March 8, 2014, in National Harbor, Maryland. Coulter said President Donald Trump has a "suck-up personality." T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

She also bashed the press.

"Trump may be a shallow, narcissistic conman, but that doesn't mean the media are not the enemy of the people. Both things can be true," Coulter said. The silver lining of Trump in office, she said, could be the "total destruction of the lying media."

On Saturday, Trump also tweeted that "major sections" of the wall are being built and renovated "with MUCH MORE to follow shortly."

"Tens of thousands of illegals are being apprehended (captured) at the Border and NOT allowed into our Country. With another President, millions would be pouring in," Trump tweeted. "I am stopping an invasion as the Wall gets built. #MAGA"

Coulter had been a passionate supporter of Trump, and even wrote the book In Trump We Trust, but the pundit began turning on him when caved on his funding demand for the border wall and reopened government. Trump went on to get only a fraction of the funds needed to build the wall and declared a national emergency at the southern border to try to get more money, a move that failed to impress Coulter.