Anonymous Call UK Protest Against 'Paedophiles in the Establishment'

A supporters of the activist group Anonymous wears a mask during a protest against the alleged cover up of paedophilia at the BBC outside their studios in central London December 23, 2014. Neil Hall/Reuters

Infamous hacker group Anonymous have called for several demonstrations in the UK to protest against what they believe is a huge coverup of paedophile networks by "those who are meant to protect".

Anonymous have recently turned their attention to international and institutional paedophiles, including those connected to the Westminster child sex abuse scandal currently unfolding in the UK. The group are now calling for people to 'take to the streets' next Friday in London's Trafalgar Square, Glasgow and Essex.

Heather Marsh, speaking on behalf of the group, explained that "Operation Death Eaters", as the project is referred to, is not only seeking to expose those responsible for the crimes, but also those who enabled the sexual abuse to continue.

On the Facebook page for the march, the OpDeathEaters write that the protests will take place "in the street, on social media, in your communities everywhere" and the aim is to inform the public of "the high level complicity and impunity in the paedosadism and child trafficking industry and the need for independent inquiries [sic]".

Friday the 13, #OpDeathEaters Global Solidarity for Independent Inquiries Action |

— OpDeathEaters (@OpDeathEaters) February 4, 2015

Britain has been rocked by allegations of historic child abuse since following his death it emerged that DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile had sexually abused children throughout his career. Several people have now come forward to say that they were abused by powerful members of the establishment, including senior Westminster politicians, and that police covered up the accusations.

Today marked the appointment of the third head of the ongoing inquiry into historical child sex abuse, almost four months after Dame Fiona Woolf stepped down. New Zealand judge Justice Lowell Goddard will now lead the panel after her two predecessors were forced to withdraw from the roles due to their connections with the establishment.

Despite being announced last July, the inquiry has faced difficulties both in finding a leader, and also in organizing a panel which the survivors of abuse are happy with. Its purpose is to investigate claims of a 'VIP' Westminster paedophile ring operating in the 1980s.

New revelations also emerged today about the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, Yorkshire as the Times revealed that a police officer and two councillors have now been accused of also being involved. The police officer faces allegations of passing information about vulnerable children to abusers who then targeted them.

The revelations were published on the same day that a report, carried out by the National Crime Agency and government official Louise Casey, declared that the Rotherham Council cabinet is "not fit for purpose". The entire cabinet have now said they will resign. Among other findings, the report declared that the council's failings include whistleblowers being paid off and officers ignoring a local youth project's warnings that abuse was occurring in the town.

In August 2014 it was revealed that almost 1,400 children had been abused in the town over a 16-year period from 1997 to 2013.

The new details are likely to spur on Anonymous's mission to expose paedophiles in the establishment. One of their first objectives of OpDeathEaters is to create a database which can track all the figures who are, or were, involved in known child sex abuse cases and also to collect victim's testimonies.

Marsh explains that the group have two obstacles in their search for justice: "The powerful support and perceived credibility of the accused and the frequently very vulnerable positions of the accusers."

Two days ago it was revealed that Margaret Thatcher tried to step in to stop Sir Peter Hayman, a senior politician at the time, being linked to a paedophile scandal, despite the fact she was shown documents detailing his "obscene correspondence" and "sexual perversion".