Police Deny Name Given by Hacker Group Is Police Officer in Ferguson Case

Anonymous released Thursday morning what it said was the name of the officer involved in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown on Saturday, August 9. Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

A purported member of hacktivist collective Anonymous appears to have followed through on his threat to release the name of the police officer involved in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which has sparked days of protest and heightened racial tensions.

There was no immediate confirmation that the name was correct and Newsweek is not publishing the name.

A representative of the group told The Huffington Post the group was in possession of the officer's name as early as Wednesday, but wanted to wait to release it until it could either talk to witnesses or obtain confirmation from a second source.

Purported Anonymous member @TheAnonMessage reiterated again this morning that he had the officer's name, but again said it was waiting until it was "absolutely sure."

The group's threat came after Ferguson Chief of Police Thomas Jackson reversed his position on Tuesday, saying he would not release the officer's name because of threats the man had received online. Jackson had previously said he would release the officer's name.

Update: St. Louis County police denied that the officer named by Anymous is employed by St. Louis County or Ferguson.

Another member of Anonymous also claimed on Twitter that the person named by @TheAnonMessage may not be the officer responsible for killing Brown.

Correction: An earlier version of this article referred to Jon Belmar as the Ferguson Chief of Police. Belmar is Chief of Police of St. Louis County.