Major 'Anthem' Features Delayed

Anthem has been riddled with bugs since it first released in January, including ones that bricked entire PS4s, rendering them useless. As the title's early release glitches began to disappear, new ones popped up in their place. Although, It seems as Anthem's bug troubles have reached critical mass.

BioWare lead producer, Ben Irving, and head of live services, Chad Robertson, announced in an Anthem Update on Reddit that many of Anthem's planned updates have been delayed indefinitely. Instead of releasing these updates as scheduled, BioWare is using this time to improve on the core game by fixing bugs and increasing Anthem's overall stability.

The two wrote "We have been prioritizing things like bug fixes, stability and game flow over the new features of Act 1. We set aside time for this work, but the reality is there are more things to fix and improve than we planned for."

A full list of delayed content:

Mastery system


Legendary Missions – Phase II

Weekly stronghold challenges


Some free play events


The post means that the endgame content players have anticipated for weeks will be in the pipeline for even longer before it's officially released. It is unknown when that content will be available, but we should receive information in the coming weeks.

Despite the unfortunate news, the developer post concludes with a hopeful communication goal from BioWare's team. The developer states the team will now hold off on discussing new content until the content is close to being finished. They also stated that henceforth, all Anthem updates will be tested in a Player Feedback Environment (PFE) where players can try out updates before they go live. This feature is exclusive to PC players.

Other AAA "games as a service" titles employ a similar tactic. Blizzard's Overwatch uses a Public Test Server on PC to test out new balance changes, maps and characters before going live. It could be the key to making Anthem a better game.

If you'd like new Anthem content, BioWare just released update 1.1.0 containing a new stronghold called "The Sunken Cell" alongside a bevy of other changes that are detailed here.

Updated on 4/24: The article and its headline originally stated that Anthem was still in early access due to the line, "It's been ten weeks since the early access release of Anthem." However, that line was the developer providing a timeline. Early access did launch ten weeks ago, but the full game released nine weeks ago. We removed paragraph stating that and altered our headline. Newsweek regrets the error.