'Anthem' April Developer Live Stream: When ro Watch Developers Explain New Sunken Stronghold (UPDATE: Stream Moved)

Update: The stream has been moved to April 23 due to "unforeseen connection issues" in their streaming studio.

Freelancers - We are moving the Anthem Livestream to Tuesday, April 23rd due to some unforeseen connection issues we're having in our streaming studio.

We'll follow up with more details next week.

— Anthem (@anthemgame) April 17, 2019

Anthem players are a stubborn bunch, who believe that Bioware's high-flying adventure has the potential to be amazing. In order for the game to survive long enough into the future under EA rule, it's going to need some major updates. To answer some of the community's burning questions (and there are many), Bioware developers will be hosting a live stream this week.

Anthem Developer Live Stream: When and Where to Watch

According to the Anthem Twitter account, the live stream starring co-lead producer Ben Irving "and special guests" will start at 4 p.m. EDT. They plan to talk about the new Sunken Stronghold, a piece of end-game content for players to farm. The Stronghold is still on schedule to be released in April, but the only piece of information we have about it is a single image from the reveal tweet.

The next #AnthemGame livestream will be on April 17th at 3pm Central Time. Tune in as @BenIrvo and special guests talk about The Sunken, a new Stronghold coming later this month. pic.twitter.com/gt2wIgSTFv

— Anthem (@anthemgame) April 11, 2019

You can catch the live stream on the game's Twitch page or on EA's website.

Fans of Anthem have stormed the game's subreddit to share their discontent for the mul;titude of bugs and lack of content the game provides. The current top post on the sub asks the developers to "address the major concerns (or) you'll lose most of your remaining player." With only 800 upvotes, it seems like a cry from the small community that's left who just want the game they believe in to work properly. We can't see how many concurrent players Anthem currently has, but it's already dropped its price to $35 and has 200 viewers on Twitch. For a game that's been out barely two months, that's not a good sign.

A game can come back from a miserable launch, but it isn't easy. Sea of Thieves started with an empty ocean and limited content but has quickly grown in popularity through updates and community communication. If Anthem is to rise from the ashes and take down other loot shooters, it's going to have to add more than a single Stronghold.

Will you be watching the Anthem live stream or have you given up on Bioware's adventure? Tell us in the comments.