'Anthem' EA Play Story Trailer Revealed at E3, Release Date Feb. 22

Anthem is set to release Feb.22, 2019, on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The news was revealed via a trailer and extensive gameplay demo during Electronic Arts' EA Play press conference for E3 2018. Over the span of a few minutes, we learned quite a lot about BioWare's upcoming shared-world shooter.

  • Not an MMO, something new and different.
  • Story will be built into the core of the game. "Our world, my story." There are defined multiplayer and single-player experiences. Multiplayer will feel like a choice. You can roll solo.
  • Story will be added for years to come.
  • Focused on a world left unfinished by the gods. Forces called The Anthem of Creation have mutated the world.
  • You're a freelancer who pilots Javelin suits in a harsh world. The Dominion have weaponized the Anthem of Creation.
  • Suits: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. Each suit has unique abilities. Ranger close combat, Colossus heavy. You can swap suits as needed.
  • Customization: Gear, weapons, skins.
  • Weather is uniform for everyone.
  • Events can be dropped into the living world easily.
  • Purchasable cosmetics you can choose. No loot boxes, no buyable power.
  • Feels complete from the start.
  • Team play involves working with classes, abilities and fast movement.
  • Scars and Villainy mission demo

Anthem was first revealed during E3 2017 and was originally targeted for release in 2018. Despite that short delay, today's EA Play presentation suggests there's plenty of content to explore when the game goes live. While its story elements will be partly dispersed across multiplayer action, BioWare's focus on narrative cinematic elements in gaming remains as strong as ever.

Anthem comes to Xbox One, PS4 and PC Feb. 22.

What are your thoughts on Anthem after watching the EA Play presentation? Did its trailer get you hyped for what's next from BioWare? Tell us in the comments section!

'Anthem' EA Play Story Trailer Revealed at E3, Release Date Feb. 22 | Gaming