'Anthem' Javelin Guide: Switching, Flying and Picking The Super Suit Right For You

Anthem players get to learn how to pilot a mechanized suit with the ability to fly, called a Javelin. These pieces of wearable armor are more than a gimmick: they give the game a sense of strategy and depth that makes you feel powerful. Bumbling through enemies with the Colossus, summoning shards of ice with the Warlock, doing fancy flight maneuvers with the Interceptor or just blowing shit up with the Ranger is pure fun.

Each of the four classes can be played to fit your playstyle. Producer Ben Irving told Newsweek that "we were very firm when we don't want defined roles. Like we don't want tank, healer, DPS." The Colossus will always be slower than the rest of his allies, but he can protect the team or deal tons of damage depending on how you want to play him.

anthem javelin guide fly ranger storm interceptor collosus
Need help picking the perfect Javelin? EA

Anthem How to Fly Your Javelin

It's recommended that you play Anthem with a controller, it makes the game a lot easier. If you need a keyboard and mouse, here's a link to the full controls. If you want to start flying, you have leave the Fort Tardis base to enter the open world. Then, you click the left stick, which will propel you through the air. If you want to hover, press down on the right stick or use one of your weapons. You only have a small amount of flying time before your exosuit starts to overheat. You'll either have to land to recharge your systems or fly through water (either a waterfall or lake) to recharge.

Anthem How to Switch Javelins

In the open demo, you'll only get access to two Javelins. You'll start with the Ranger and will need to hit Pilot level 12 in order to unlock the second Javelin. Go to the terminal to the left of your Javelin in Fort Tardis to unlock a new Javelin. You can increase your level by collecting experience in combat and completing missions out in the open world map. Once you are strong enough, you can pick one of the three javelins: Storm, Interceptor or Colossus.

Anthem Lead Producer Interview: "We'll balance the game forever. That's just how it's going to be.

Here's a full rundown of what each of the Javelin exosuits in Anthem can do.

Anthem Javelin Guide

anthem colossus guide how to fly
The Colossus is a slow-moving bruiser EA

Anthem Colossus

The big bruiser of the bunch, the Colossus is all about protecting teammates from fire. While other Javelins have shields that restore over time, the big beefy boy only has one giant health bar. To compensate for that, he's given a large rectangular shield that can soak up tons of damage. You can even use the shield to ram foes, knocking them down and dealing damage. It's not the fastest or flashiest Javelin, but every team needs a hearty brute to soak up the bullets.

Instead of a grenade (like the rest of the Javelin exosuits have) the Colossus has access to a shoulder-mounted mortar. You can summon a wall of fire, an electricity coil or just blast enemies into Kingdom Come. On his wrist launcher, you can have a flamethrower, heavy cannon, flak cannon or railgun to deal more consistent DPS. His ultimate summons a giant cannon that fires three shots into the air, dealing AOE damage to those in it's blast radius.

anthem ranger guide
A well-balanced but boring Javelin EA

Anthem Ranger

The Ranger is the "Jack of all trades, master of none" Javelin. He's got adequate flight, health, damage and strength but doesn't truly excel at any of them. The Ranger is the first Javelin you start out with before being allowed access to the other three. If you are used to games like Warframe and Destiny 2, than the Ranger will make you feel right at home.

It's melee ability summons a giant mace to swings around. The grenades are fairly generic; you've got flames, frost, frag and sticky bombs. Wrist launchers are more of the same, with homing missiles and pulses of energy a blast to use. "Multi-Target Missile Battery" is the Ranger's ultimate, which shoots a barrage of missiles.

anthem storm guide
Bring on the thunder with Storm EA

Anthem Storm

My personal favorite exosuit to pilot turns you into a magic-wielding wizard. He can hover for longer periods of time than his cohorts, making him an aerial bombardier. You won't have a lot of health to play around with, but the damage you get in return more than makes up for it. If you miss World of Warcraft but still want to fly around, than this is the Javelin for you.

The Storm has access to "seals" which are magical ways to give your suit elemental attacks. You can equip three of these "seals" to use in the thick of battle. There are fireballs that can be charged to deal even more damage, icicles that target enemies and freeze them and large electric tesla coils that toast walking tanks. The Storm's ultimate is Elemental Storm, using the power of fire, ice and electricity to obliterate whatever is in front of him.

anthem interceptor guide flight
Sting and fly with the Interceptor EA

Anthem Interceptor

The last, but certainly not least, Javelin exosuit is the Interceptor. Like a cross between Wolverine from the X-Men and Iron Man, this suit is all about diving into a fight and then escaping with your life. It's the fastest of all the suits, but has the lowest health pool of any of them. If you are a player who loves high-risk/ high-reward scenarios, than you've already found your new love.

Like all the Javelins, the Interceptor has access to two weapon slots, but it has a wider array of weaponry. There are elemental shurikens that can blast, burn or freeze opponents, melee attacks that can you turn you into a tiny tempest and sprays of acid that can burn enemies. Assassin's Blades is the Javelin's Ultimate ability and turns the robot into a walking blade tornado. Like Destiny 2 Warlock powers, you gain a powerful melee weapon that can just cut through any foe.

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