'Anthem' Stronghold Bosses Drop Masterwork Weapons After Recent Patch

Players have had a week to tinker around with Anthem on PC before the game's official launch. In between dealing with the massive loading screens, poor frame rate and dubious bugs, some have managed to climb their way to Pilot level 30 and begun the end game grind. Like Destiny and Diablo , the entire reason people keep playing these games is the endless hunt for the best loot in the game. Anthem players can unlock Masterwork and potentially Legendary weapons, components and seals by defeating the bosses at the end of Strongholds.

anthem stronghold legendary weapons masterwork
The Anthem Stronghold is a lot harder on Grandmaster EA

Anthem Stronghold Masterwork Weapons

Reddit user DrRocksos discovered that, after the recent day one patch, it's even easier to get Masterwork weapons. If you are level 30, completing a Stronghold on Grandmaster difficulty will net you at least one Masterwork weapon after you defeat the boss. Once you unlock any Masterwork weapon, you can craft a better version by completing a Challenge and gathering the necessary ingredients from the Blueprint. Before the patch, players had a random chance to unlock this type of weapon, frustrating those that felt they deserved the powerful gear.

Players do need to defeat the final boss in order to unlock the Masterwork weapon. Some players like to spend time clearing the Stronghold until the first two chests are open, and then leaving the game. They get to keep their loot and then you are stuck trying to finish a hard boss without a full team. Now, it's worth it to stick around so players might not just dip out at the first chance they get.

The end game grind for Anthem is currently just a few Strongholds, but it will improve. One of the producer on Anthem, Ben Irving, told Newsweek they are constantly looking to add new content to the game and making grinding more worthwhile:

"If all you try to do is add new content, players can always play faster than you can fill, that just is what it is. So the more interesting thing is: 'what are the systemic ways you can make content be replayable in a way that is satisfying to players?' So one of the things we've done with how we've built the world is made it so every time you go out to explore, you have a slightly different experience," he said. "We really want to build on that idea that we have all these building blocks and you can combine them in different ways to create different play experiences. And of course, we'll add new content, but it won't be our only approach. We don't want to incentivize people to play the same thing either just over and over again because there's a reason for it."

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