'Anthem' Story Allows for Both Solo and Group Play

Anthem aims to be both a multiplayer game and a proper BioWare experience. How is that going to happen? Studio head Casey Hudson says it will be something completely new, but isn't sharing specifics until EA Play in June.

Anthem can be played both as a single-player game and a multiplayer game BioWare

In a blog post on the BioWare site, Hudson talked about BioWare's future and how this vision fits with Anthem. The company has updated its mission statement, which is as follows:

"We create worlds of adventure, conflict, and companionship that inspire you to become the hero of your story."

Hudson goes on to explain each part of the statement in detail. Creating worlds is a fairly obvious one, seeing as BioWare's games are all set in unique universes. Even Anthem will be set on a foreign planet. Hudson says the goal for BioWare's worlds are to create something "that players can really live in, which span many games and media, as well as fan-created work like art, fiction and cosplay."

From there, Hudson starts focusing on the "companionship" aspect of the BioWare mission statement. Games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age feature AI companions while games like Star Wars: The Old Republic are all about playing with other real people. Anthem sounds like it will be a bit of both, as Hudson confirmed the upcoming game will be completely playable as a single-player experience as well as for those who want to play with other "randos" or in a group of friends.

Even when playing with others, Anthem is created to allow you to "be the hero of your own story." Hudson said this narrative approach hasn't been executed well in multiplayer games before. "With Anthem we're taking this problem head-on and structuring the entire game design to provide a specific solution for this," he said. "We'll be sharing details on how it works very soon. We think it creates a unique experience where you have control over your own story, but your story is set in an ever-changing multiplayer world."

Hudson closed the post by saying more details on Anthem will be coming at EA Play, while also teasing that BioWare is working on another new game. This new game is described as being "very Dragon Age," but other details haven't been shared yet.

Interestingly, creative director Mike Laidlaw confirmed a new Dragon Age game was in development last year. Later in the year, Laidlaw announced he was leaving BioWare, so it's possible this new game Hudson is teasing was the next Dragon Age, but has since been refocused into something else.

So what do you think? Are you excited to hear it is possible to play Anthem by yourself? Are you more curious to know about this Dragon Age-like game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.