Anthony Warner's Neighbor Said Nashville Bombing Suspect Stated World Would 'Never Forget' Him

A neighbor of the suspect in the Christmas Day RV bombing in downtown Nashville said Anthony Warner made an odd remark to him during a casual conversation just days before the explosion: "The world is never going to forget me."

Rick Laude, 57, neighbor of the 63-year-old Nashville bombing suspect, told the Associated Press Monday that Warner made the ominous remark to him on December 21 while standing at his mailbox in the Antioch, Tennessee neighborhood. "Nashville and the world is never going to forget me," Warner reportedly told his neighbor after Laude asked him a casual question about his elderly mother's health.

"Is Santa going to bring you anything good for Christmas?" Laude asked, prompting the bizarre reply.

State law enforcement officials have acknowledged that Warner "was not on our radar" prior to the Christmas morning explosion. Federal authorities confirmed over the weekend that Warner was killed in the RV blast, the lone fatality from the massive explosion which rocked the downtown area outside of an AT&T facility.

This is not the first menacing report neighbors have made about Warner. A second longtime neighbor of Warner, Steve Schmoldt, told The Tennessean newspaper Sunday that many who knew Warner described him as "a little odd."

"You never saw anyone come and go," Schmoldt told the outlet days after investigators confirmed he was a suspect in the bombing. "Never saw him go anywhere. As far as we knew, he was kind of a computer geek that worked at home."

Several reports from neighbors and others who knew Warner said he was paranoid about 5G technology, potentially providing a connection to why the RV exploded right outside of an AT&T building. Neighbors say Warner always kept to himself and only engaged in passing small talk sporadically. Schmoldt said Warner never talked about politics or religion and the RV was parked outside of his home for years prior to the Christmas Day explosion.

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anthony quinn warner mugshot
A neighbor of the suspect in the Christmas Day RV bombing in downtown Nashville, Anthony Warner, said he told him just days before the explosion, "the world is never going to forget me." Provided: FBI