'F*** You for Voting for Him': Anti-Biden Flags Appear in Florida Neighborhood

Expletive-laden anti-Joe Biden flags have appeared in a Florida neighborhood, prompting concern among parents who say the message is inappropriate on a public sign.

One flag that appeared in the front yard of a home in Cape Coral read: "F*** Biden and f*** you for voting for him!"

Resident John Strasburger, who put up the banner, said he was undeterred by complaints from neighbors. "I feel the election was stolen, I think the evidence was there to prove it," he told local TV station Fox4Now.

Claims of voter fraud in last year's presidential election have been emphatically rejected by the courts. Donald Trump and his allies lost more than 60 lawsuits challenging the results in various states, and no evidence of widespread irregularities has been found.

"Right now, I'm exercising my right of freedom of speech," added Strasburger, who put up the flag earlier this week. He said he had bought it online for $17 and it would stay in place until he was instructed to remove it by city officials.

"If there was an ordinance, I would take it down tomorrow. But there's not, so it's going to remain up," he said.

biden sign Washington
Donald Trump supporters, one dressed as George Washington, hold up an anti-Biden banner on January 5 in Washington, D.C. Similar flags have been put up outside homes in Florida. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Neighbor Tony Paparone, who also has an anti-Biden flag, said a woman who lived nearby had complained that young children would read the profanities.

"Freedom of speech. You're not going to rewrite the constitution," said Paparone.

He added that he had spoken to the woman about her concerns. "I talked to the lady … She said, 'Well, it doesn't really affect me. It's just the fact that I have small kids and they read it.' I'm like, 'Well, sorry.'"

Tom White, who lives near Strasburger, told Fox4Now he had no problem with the flags, although he might not have worded his political beliefs so strongly.

"It's his property and his opinion, and his right to voice his opinion. And even though it's more colorful than I would mind, I see that as his right," White said.

President Joe Biden
Joe Biden at a memorial service for victims of the coronavirus pandemic on January 19, the evening before his inauguration. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Fox4Now said local officials did not object to the flags or their message.

"The city's code does not regulate the content of signs. However, the code does regulate the size and number of signs allowed on private property," the City of Cape Coral said in a statement to the channel.

Newsweek has contacted the City of Cape Coral for further comment.

Separately, a video shared on Gab, a social network favored by Trump supporters and far-right activists, showed a man hoisting a "F*** Biden" flag onto the side of a property.

The man's identity and the location were not immediately clear. The clip was shared by an account called "Neon Revolt," which regularly posts anti-Biden messages.