'Antifa Hunting Permit' Stuck to Door of North Carolina Store

Police in North Carolina are investigating after an "antifa hunting permit" was stuck to the front door of a business.

The mock permit targeting the far-left, anti-fascism movement was stuck on to the front of the Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions store in Greenville, Pitt County, over the weekend.

The large, yellow permit read: "Special Issue—Permanent, Antifa Hunting Permit". It added "no bag limit, tagging not required."

Store owner Michelle Jenkins condemned the behavior of those who left the sign.

"I can imagine that in some part of their minds it was funny—it's not funny," Jenkins told WCTI. "It's only a matter of time before they're arrested. I have a feeling."

Jenkins said she believed she was targeted because she flies flags at her store which show support for Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ community.

Speaking to WITN, Jenkins added: "We feel that they were declaring open season on us. We took it as a death threat."

A picture of the sign was posted on Facebook by the store manager Courtney Varnadoe.

To all of my FAMILY and FRIENDS who just don't understand: THIS IS YOUR WAKEUP CALL. I came to work this morning and this was on our door. This is an outright threat. I bring my child to work with...

"This is an outright threat," Varnadoe wrote. "I bring my child to work with me. People I love congregate here.

"If you support this narrative, you are given leave to get out of my life right now—or I will enforce it myself. I am furious, shaking, and livid. Luckily, we have a security camera.

"I am anti-fascist, and if you don't think this could happen to your family, think again," she added.

Jenkins said that she has filed a police report and security footage has been reviewed to help track down who posted the sign on their door. She said that police are not releasing that information right now.

"Something like that's not going to keep us from doing what we do and supporting people who we support on a regular basis," Varnadoe added.

Elsewhere, the word "racist" was spray-painted on a grave at the nearby Cherry Hill Cemetery, although police do not believe the two are connected.

In a statement, Greenville Mayor P.J Connelly condemned both incidents as "totally unacceptable."

Connelly added: "No matter your view on issues, respect should be shown to all citizens in our community and this does not properly display Greenville as a community.

"Make an impact and be someone that makes a positive change for the better of EVERYONE in our city. Life is too short to hate one another."

The Greenville Police Department have been contacted for comment.

Antifa protesters wear bandanas over their faces during a protest to oppose the right wing group Patriot Prayer, that was having a rally in downtown Portland, Oregon, on September 10, 2017. An "antifa hunting permit" has been found stuck to the front door of a North Carolina business. NATALIE BEHRING/AFP/Getty

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