Antifa Trends on Twitter After Video Shows Protest Group Throwing Milkshakes at Journalist

Police in Portland, Oregon, have advised groups protesting in their city to disperse after things got unruly on the streets Saturday afternoon. Protests and counterdemonstrations were taking place at three different locations.

Portland police said the scenes had become a "civil disturbance and unlawful assembly," and asked all folks in the area to leave immediately.

Those advertised to be among the demonstrators Saturday included two right-wing groups — the street-fighting fraternal group called Proud Boys, and Haley Adams of the "HimToo Movement." The Rose City Antifa planned a counterdemonstration.

The trend on Twitter hit fever pitch Saturday afternoon — nearly 50,000 before 3:30 p.m. PT.

One of the most-watched videos in the thread show a journalist get objects thrown at him, including "vegan" milkshakes that were supposedly distributed to antifa members. Andy Ngo is shown in a video with cuts on his face and around his eye, and white, splotchy substances in his hair and on his shirt.

The MSM: Left Wing group “Antifa” is not violent


— Saladino for Congress (@JoeySalads) June 29, 2019

"I just got beat up by the crowd, no police at all," Ngo said, adding that he was in the middle of the street and that "they stole my GoPro" camera. He said he was punched several times in my face and my head" and that he was bleeding.

Ngo paused for a minute, blinking his eyes and then looked around as people could be heard asking him questions.

"Where the hell were all of you?" Ngo asked them. Ngo said protesters threw milkshakes on him in addition to punching him.

An anti-fascist protester holds a sign as far right activists stage a freedom of speech rally in front of City Hall on May 03, 2019 in San Francisco, California. Dozens of far right activists staged a freedom of speech rally in front of City Hall a day after Facebook permanently banned several alt-right personalities from the social media platform. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Remember when Don Lemon defended Antifa?

Remember when Chris Cuomo defended Antifa?

They are running defense for violent psychopaths who beat up journalists

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) June 29, 2019

Ngo on social media identifies as an editor for the online magazine called "Quillette," and his handle also says he's "hated by antifa."

He posted Friday, saying he was "nervous" about covering the rally, saying, "They're promising "physical confrontation" & have singled me out to be assaulted. I went on Tucker Carlson last year to explain why I think they're doing this: They're seeking meaning through violence."

I am nervous about tomorrow’s Portland antifa rally. They’re promising “physical confrontation” & have singled me out to be assaulted. I went on Tucker Carlson last year to explain why I think they’re doing this: They’re seeking meaning through violence.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 28, 2019

The responses around Twitter blamed everything from lack of security in Portland to President Donald Trump — and seemingly everything in between the far right and far left.

This one compared antifa to Adolf Hitler's "brown shirts."

antifa is no better than Hitler's brown shirts - clean USA of criminal organizations as antifa - @senatemajldr @SenTomCotton @MarshaBlackburn @marcorubio @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @GOPLeader @GOP @realDonaldTrump @vp @WhiteHouse - WE DEMAND ACTION against these vermin! @OANN @thehill

— Tango Sage (@CatSage) June 29, 2019

Some have called antifa members who hide their faces behind masks "cowards" and "terrorists."

Barbarism in #Portland. Antifa cowards hide their faces & only attack when they greatly outnumber their prey.

— Connie 🇺🇸 (@conniejhorn) June 29, 2019

ANTIFA are terrorists

— terry (@T3rryLove) June 29, 2019

To all of those people who said they'd stand behind #AntiFa no matter what because who shouldn't be against fascists............ Hope you saw the news. As I said before, and will say again, they are a violent mob. Violent Mobs don't "fix problems" regardless of their "beliefs".

— Kevin Conner (@NinjaNezumi) June 29, 2019

Antifa is an embarrassment to society. They are not fighting facism. They are appropriating marginalized peoples’ struggles to have an excuse to be violent and destructive.

— Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick (@teachingonthego) June 29, 2019

Mayor Wheeler is no different
than Orval Faubus, a politician
advocating for violence against
Time for the National guard to
roll into Portland and snack
the dogshit out of the little
pussy Antifa fascists

— Franz (@Diabloojosazule) June 29, 2019

Any Ngo is a brave dude showing up to a crowd full of white people wearing masks and wielding weapons. #Antifa is a white supremacist hate group

— Culture Critical (@centristandard) June 29, 2019

so republicans are fine calling antifa a terrorist organization but don’t call white mass shooters terrorists? sorry you don’t get to pick and choose

— delaney ‎⎊ á—¢ ‎⧗ 🕸 (@thotandthought) June 29, 2019

So many right-wingers losing their shit over antifa today. Look, guys, I get that this is hard for you, but have you tried NOT liking fascism? Would solve your problem right away. Easy solution, 10/10.

— SoyCheese (@proud_degen) June 29, 2019

Far-right Neo-Fascist group proud boys clash with ANTIFA in Portland.

— Chilal (@cwyyell) June 29, 2019

Portland has been overrun, their mayor @tedwheeler, has allowed Antifa to prey on citizens for whom Antifa dislikes. He has violated the "equal Protection clause of the Constitution in not protecting them and is an illegitimate leader.

— Robert Swart (@rswart61) June 29, 2019

Scenes from Lownsdale Square, where a couple hundred demonstrators have gathered for milkshakes, music, etc.

— Jim Ryan (@Jimryan015) June 29, 2019