'So True': Anyone With Two Cats Will Relate to This Feline Sibling Rivalry

According to a study, one in four pet owners think of their pet like a child. This makes sense when you consider how high-maintenance cats are. Whether it's eating your hair ties or getting stuck under the sofa, cats cause their own brand of mischief.

Having two cats means double the trouble, as one pet owner demonstrated on TikTok. The account marmiteandtoastie shared a short video showcasing their two cats' contrasting personalities, and pet owners can relate.

Shared on Monday, 11 April the clip shows Toast— labeled the "good" cat—adorably putting his toys away, before cutting to his sibling Marmite aggressively nibbling his owner's pen as they try to write.

Fellow cat owners immediately understood, and the post has since received 639,000 likes, over 10,000 comments and more than 9,000 shares.

Sara commented: "HAHAHA YES THIS.

"My older cat is an angel and my youngest is possessed by a demon or something."

Hey asked: "why is this so true."

The marmiteandtoastie account is run by their owner Wiktoria, from Barnsley in the U.K. She told Newsweek that despite his quirky personality, Marmite was actually quite shy as a kitten.

She said: "I fell in love with him straight away. He was so quiet, not even a little squeak came out of his mouth.

"[As] we were coming home he became more vocal and even threw up on me on the journey home. As soon as he came home he was so energetic and loving.

"He is very independent and well-behaved, but he does love to talk and absolutely loves smashing glasses with water onto the floor when we're asleep during the night."

In comparison, his little brother Toast is the "quiet one."

Wiktoria said: "He doesn't shout for food, treats, only if he sees a fly!"

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, adopting two kittens instead of one has many benefits for our furry friends. Along with companionship and increased social interaction, cat pairs also have more opportunities for physical exercise and play.

However, it is better to adopt two kittens from the same litter or two cats who have already bonded at the shelter, as introducing an adult cat to another feline is more complicated. It can take months for them to bond or integrate (if they do at all), but there are things you can do to help them adapt, such as providing separate bedding, food bowls and litter trays, and placing them in different parts of the house.

At first, Marmite wasn't keen on his new sibling, but within two weeks the pair had bonded. Now, they're inseparable, with Toast refusing to leave Marmite alone—even at nap time.

Wiktoria said: "He'll always start fights and bite Marmite when he's asleep, but he'll also clean and cuddle him.

"He's basically the perfect example of an annoying little brother!"

Marmite isn't the only "demon" to recently make a name for himself online. On Sunday a black cat called Jinx was elected as the Mayor of Hell, Michigan, for one day. During her brief reign, Jinx demanded that "all eggs be banned" and that the town erect a statue in her honor.

Pet Owners Relate to Cat Sibling Rivalry
Left, Toast carrying a ball to his toy box. Right, Marmite choking on a pen. Cat owners could immediately relate to the contrasting personalities of Toast and Marmite. marmiteandtoastie